Wednesday thread, in case I've missed it somewhere

I guess we were all too distracted by cheese!

Anyway how are you this morning? I’ve made some Chelsea buns:

Bit of a rush in the morning but I think they’ve turned out alright. Hopefully today will be a better day.


Nothing on today. Gotta take kiddo to the docs to get her chest looked at. Currently watching a rerun of the Superb Owl and playing with kiddo.

What the hell is going on, who’s got Wednesdays on the daily thread rota?

WFH. Need to clean the flat up a bit.

I wish I had Chelsea buns.

I’m in the office today but it’s really quiet, and I’ve only got two short meetings all day, so I’m looking at cameras on ebay and planning my holiday instead.

Nah nothing to report really. Wife’s off to see Madonna tonight. I’m not going to see Madonna tonight. Set list looks bad

I too am WFH today. Gotta break the back of this report away from the noise and distractions of an open plan workplace, so obvs I am on DiS typing away instead. :wink:

Morning, bloody cold earlier on. I’m making Instagram stories today to break up my day, quite enjoy it actually, hope I get to do more.

My awful twat of an ex-boss has tried to connect with me on LinkedIn and I am deciding whether to ignore it, but I kind of want to know what they’re doing out of curiosity. I’ve also seen their job title and that’s completely wrong from what I remember after I left, so…bit of bullshit there.

Why is it not Friday?

Would eat.


Good post


Hope your day is indeed better @colon_closed_bracket, buns are definitely a good start.

Late pick up for R, bit of course his dad showed up two minutes after we sat down in starbucks and now I am trying to hurry up drinking a sub par chai so I can get on and finish the shopping. Going to make GRT beetroot and chickpea curry at lunch time and it takes a while so really need to get home (of course posting this here is more important than actually getting home…)

Forgot my headphones :scream:

I’m wfh and have the weirds :confused:

Hope you’re ok tilto :heart: always around if you need an ear.

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Have I mentioned how much I hate my job? Like really really hate my job?

How much longer?

Just back from the post office @Gnometorious

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Just one of those days I think. Should probably get a shower, that usually helps.

It’s my birthday next week and I’m wondering whether that’s contributing to the weirds.

At those prices, though, it’s either only one of you goes and there’s food on the table or you both go and neither of you eats for a month.

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Have a shower, have a nice lunch, get some stuff done, maybe take a walk, you’ll hopefully feel better. I always get like that now with birthdays, I’m really dreading 36 tbh.

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Her pals company have a box for the entire residency so she’s rubbing/throwing elbows for free


:heart: How exciting. Thank you so much! Not having a great week so far but this really helps! x