Wednesday thread is full of "Whoa"

Dunno what that means really.

Haven’t slept, quitting job of 12 years today and feel sick.

Am I doing the right thing?




Ooft that’s a big decision. I took a sideways move a few years back and the first week or so i thought “what the fuck have i done?”

But on the whole it has worked out alright.

Child; the sequel, was up a lot last night so very tired. Also covid is making me feel very weird but on the whole I’ve not had too bad a time of it.

Currently watching go jetters and pondering some cocopops.

Big tour soon for a swiss school who fly over every year especially, they’re always so sweet. They brought me chocolates last year, I hope they know I’m expecting chocolates again.

I see this week marks the beginnings of the annual fruit fly residency at my place. There’s one hanging around right now. I look forward to the 65 others who will appear over the weekend.

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Sounds like the Swiss are bringing them over

Lost on me I’m afraid

That sounds pretty dodgy

If they’ve already got a log-in why don’t they just start a thread with a link to a questionnaire and ask for volunteers to fill it in? People have done this before

I’d give the @mods a heads-up if I were you


Not at at work for another 7 (seven) hours yet. Tedious day ahead I feel.

Also CW: blood

a skin tag on my back came off in the night resulting in the bed looking like a crime scene this morning. Annoying as it’s soaked through the sheet and the mattress protector onto the mattress itself. So will be doing some crime scene clear up later

Very thoughtful


Am leaving a job of 12 years next week. #teamquitters Good luck!

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Going to another Migrateful cookery class, because (a) they’re awesome, and (b) it’s an awesome cause. The kids are coming with me for this one.

Venezuelan food. Can’t wait.


Have a cachito for me

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Been up since 6 with the dog

Making the best of it by watching Bridesmaids and having 3 cups of tea and a hot cross bun.

Dog ended up on the bed at some point in the night, so I ended up squeezed into a ridiculous position and now have a bad back.

Are you feeling any better?

Yeah, a tonne better actually. The odd cough, but still negative LFTs and no other symptoms so yeah. You ok?


Horsegirl into Robyn on 6music. Fair play Huw


One of my pals is in Cuba and posting a lot of stories,don’t usually get jealous but it looks so nice

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No cachitos I’m afraid. This is the menu:


Not much whoa in the thread yet


Not much going on today. Just got some work to get done and then off out for food and beers with a mate i havent seen this year yet. Not had any brekko yet, might get myself a nice bagel or something. :coffee: