WEDNESDAY Thread - Is That All There Is?


I’m a change from scheduled programming I’ve already left the house and been to TWO shops! Our extremely fussy kittens are out of food, and they’ll only eat Felix. Sainsbury’s didn’t have any to order in our last online shop, so I tried our local Sainsbury’s this morning, which was out, then Asda. I thought I’d bought the right stuff there, but I got home and it was slightly different. Hopefully they’ll just eat it because they’re so hungry.

Anyway, that’s me done with leaving the house for the next couple of months I reckon

Wasssup! My recycling bags I ordered from the council two weeks ago have arrived, pure excite. I woke up with a migraine, took two cocodamol and now I feel like I’m controlling my body by remote. Got a bunch of work to do, kid schooling stuff to do, the usual. Got confirmation yesterday that we can have our tenancy extended for another year, which is a massive relief because I don’t have to worry about that on top of all the other shit I’ve got to worry about.

It is also a pure lovely morning here, which massively helps the ol’ mindset!


There’s the postie out the window!

But does he have my Black Country, New Road album?

Let’s find out!


Isn’t it not out until Friday?

Yeah, but I’ve seen people who have been receiving pre-orders throughout this week

no way! :open_mouth:
our morrisons was all out of felix kitten stuff yesterday too.
he seems fine with the replacement whiskas

you been able to get to the vets yet? :scissors:

@rich-t is the M&S salted pretzel bun worth £4?

on the plus side i’m definitely not too warm


Must be stuck in Europe or something as the only kitten food I can get is the co-op one which he loves but can only get by going to the shops and I don’t want to so that, or sainsburys own.

Another casualty of brexit, fresh raspberries too…find it weird how the co-op have everything the others don’t though.

It seems that what Sainsburys sell is Felix “as good as it looks”, which is flakes rather than lumps. What I got from Asda is just normal Felix with lumps. As expected they’ve just licked off the jelly and left the rest.

Stockpiling probably. My other half says she’s found some of the other Felix out in Hove, so that’s an option for later


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The plant kitchen one?

Me versus pork pies

I can’t get rice cakes from Tesco. The paddy fields of Central Europe must be heaving.

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Talking of pies, finally saw those Charlie Bigham (?) ones during BigShop™ this week. I dunno who they are so assume a TV chef, and I only actually opened the flap (steady) to look at the cottage/shepherds pie. But it was nearly £8! And “feeds two” chinny reckon. Even with a bucket of veg and one of @weeber’s big yorker puddos I’d still have room for a second one. And then three fruit pastilles lollies.

Got a papercut on my right hand bird finger fingertip.

It’s making touch typing impossibly painful and thus my work very hard :cry:

Mine only like as good as it looks and don’t like the lumps much

You only buy them when they are reduced unless you are Jeff Bezos