Wednesday thread (last Wednesday of Feb)

Slept a princely 9 hours last night. Feel superb, but can’t get out of bed.

What’s up

Slept terribly. Hotel beds, eh. Back up to Newcastle later and my own bed thank god.

Gonna mostly be thinking about this rat today


Got my full year feedback from my guys today. 76% of them think I’m ok!


Interrogate them one by one. #OutThe24


Considering my full year score last time round was 45%, I’m taking this as a win


A meeting was organised for today, a non working day. Everyone insisted it had to be today. Paid a babysitter, half way to town and of course they’ve all cancelled…Just now, 30 minutes before.

FFS. So tempted to send an invoice to them for babysitting.

So continuing walking into town and probably buy some cheap tops from Primark because even my child is telling me to stop wearing the same 3 tops.


Just arrived in fackin lahndaan!
Off to a trade show for a few hours and then gonna hang out with some ATDs :+1:


You absolutely should


Having root canal this morning. Pray4tilly :pray:


Morning all.

Doing 3 days of training for the rest of the week which gives me an hour extra in bed. I think I’m one hour behind the world normally because I feel pretty great for once.

Nothing else to report really. Just wanted to say I hope you’re all well.

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Never change, DiS.


Morning champs. Still irrationally quite excited about Meera Sodha’s new recipe book #old

Wife-o’s working late again because of stinking Brexit so at a bit of a loose end tonight. Might make some nice dinner for uno.

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Just walked the boy to school, one of my greatest joys.
Getting a climbing frame delivered today. Assembly is 2 people and 5 hours! Can probably safely add another 2hours on, so…ready by summer?


Morning all!

Finished work at 8.55 yesterday and I was back at 8.20 today. I’m teaching till 11 this morning, doing back to work and withdrawal interviews between then and 12.00, then another class 1.30-4.00.

Also a small matter of an interview I’m not really prepared for and not sure I want at 12.40.

Still, nice to be busy…

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Day off so just had a second Bed Tea. No plans for today as I did all of my chores yesterday. All of them. It’s weird. Going to read all day and eat bread a lot.

Off to see Palace v Utd this evening which I’m very excited for about for.

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Is this so you can spy on your neighbour again?


Good luck @tilly!

I’m feeling really good today, got a bit of a spring in my step. Long may it continue

Spoiler: it doesn’t


That’s so rude and inconsiderate. I think you should. Or, if it’s just a normal office job ask to be paid those extra hours and for the babysitters hours.

I have never, ever done all my chores.

Morning all. Fell asleep about 7 last night. Fast asleep within seconds.

Woke up to the sound of my daughter yelling “it’s 8.10! We’ve overslept!” Turns out it was actually 8.10pm and she’d looked at her clock and got confused.