Wednesday thread of cba

Cba, m9s, cba.



Morning FL and the rest.

Just about to head down to breakfast. Then a wander is in store before lunch and then we have a brewery tour with extras booked this afternoon. Gonna try and not spend all my money on beer. May be hard, there’s a place down the road called Beerpalais ffs


Still in bed. MrS off for a few days now though so he has brought me tea.

No plan Wednesday isn’t it.



Taking the kids and dogs for a hike around the pinetum this morning; and then to the cinema this afternoon to watch Call of the Wild. The dogs will not be joining us for the latter.


Got back at 2am, having travelled to Chester to watch our local non league team lose in the last minute of added time. Currently questioning my life choices.

No work today but I’m back tomorrow after a four day break :grimacing:

Morning folks. I’m off work this morning, parenting because it’s half term. So far I’ve eaten some toast and gone to the post office. Worzel Gummidge has been put on, but Jimbo is already claiming he’s bored. We’ll go for a bike ride in a bit.

Another train to work and another cba.
Looking forward to going to Iceland tomorrow night though. Need a holiday very badly.

Morning all,

I’m bed still. No work today, no work tomorrow. Absolutely no way today could possibly be any worse than yesterday.

No plans. Might stick a pin in a tube map, get the train there and then walk for a few hours aimlessly, see what I find.

Firstly, a bath and a coffee.

morning team. did i post my podcast this week? i will anyway, as it’s started with our favourite @anon18868718. #jag

Anyway, nothing really on today of note. Need to go and buy a mop and bucket at lunch time I think.

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Went to see Bad Boys for Life last night, really stupid fun, exactly what I was hoping for.

Hotel had no soya milk, so I had to have regular. I’m not allergic but I am fairly intolerant, so now I just feel a bit sick and bloated. Really gr8 feeling.

Long day today, in the London office until 4 and then on a train at 5, should be home just after 8.

Fuck all happening today. Got the house to myself this evening so thinking of becoming everything I hate* to get a Chicago Town vegan pizza and eating that in my pants while playing computer games.

*a “Tesco cunt”, i.e. someone who drives to the Tesco round the corner from work at rush hour and creates congestion on the only road out of this peepee-soaked heckhole

This absolute unit says hello from Chiang Rai


Look at my tiffin


I’m going to a Toby Carvery after work.

Tomorrow I was going to a gig with the nephew, but his friend couldn’t get a ticket and he also really wants to go, so I’ve let his friend have my ticket. I’m not really that fussed about the gig, it was more about taking the nephew, but as he has someone to go with thats fine by me.

As it’s half term, it’s coming to my work at 10 to pick up the ticket.


Good morning friends,

I need to get up off the sofa to get dressed but Winnies juuuuust settled herself all snuggley in between my crossed legs and oh shit she’s bringing out the big guns, she’s turned her head around and is resting her chin on my leg while staring up at me. Stop being so cute Winifred! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Obviously you can’t move now. Cat cuddles are a valid excuse for being late.
  • Disturb your sweet girl. Get to work!!

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Think I’ve got a case of shin splints, morning walk was quite painful. Hope it doesn’t last… I’ve got gigs to be jumping about at tomorrow and Friday :grimacing:

Extreme cba

Been given a task that obviously has no relevance to anything I know how to do (i am not a web developer) and not that much time to do it




100% CBA but going to a book launch event after work, and on the way will be making a visit to Herman Ze German for a tasty veggie hot dog.

You’re such a great uncle! What’s the gig?

Ate too much tiffin