Wednesday: thread of the day

Morning everyone. It’s day one of the working week for me - looks like a busy one but I’ve got Wrangler to look forward to tonight at the Lexington. The light-sensitive blinds in the office are down at the moment so I imagine London’s bathing in sunshine while I listen to Jane Weaver.
What are you up to?

I am inside Scotland. After battling through snow last night. Just about to have a ‘premier breakfast’ then go to work. Meetings until 1pm. Just want to get home.

I’ve got a bit of a headache. Isn’t it strange what a headache can do to a beautiful day?

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Not looking forward to today at all. Got to do an attendance meeting with one of my guys, which will then spiral out to an underlying ill health meeting, then I need to tell her that, as she’s opted out of working Sundays, we can’t accommodate her hours into the rest of the working week due to staffing constraints. She’s not going to be happy with me.

Need to go round my boss’s house again this afternoon, so I’ve got that to look forward to.

Woke up to find my flatmates putting out pots and pans in the kitchen because we have sprung a leak! Though they didn’t think to wipe up and dry the water already on the floor/surface where the roof is leaking??

Gonna be a bit late for work now and I’ve got to cycle in the snow!

Good morning sir (sir is what my phone wanted me to write, who am I to argue with that?)

Dropping off R with his dad then going to a 10:20am showing of Star Wars as I haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet. The rest of the day will be likely spent napping rather than doing the other stuff I should be doing.

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Its my friday! Off to :switzerland: :mountain_snow: tomorrow to :snowboarder:


Say hi to @whiterussian while you’re there!

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Got a few things to be down about, so let’s get them out of the way

  • Feeling tired. Like properly burst. Really affecting my mood.
  • Eldest daughter’s been a bit off since she got her vaccnations last week. Just not her self.
  • #familyproblems not getting into

In the good column though

  • starting to eat plant based this week. Very excited by this.
    Going to plan a trip to somewhere neat in a few weeks, like Scotland or maybe Yorkshire, with the girls and the dog
  • Going to plan a trip to Stockholm/Copenhagen in the spring to scope out if we want to live there @BodyInTheThames
  • Got some work trips in the books in a few weeks which always is a novelty.
  • Buying a new car soon.

i’m tired


I kept expecting that to go full Twilight Zone.

Anglos all

Sick household here. Being woken up by Someone else throwing up on you is…novel.

Got to run a tour this afternoon and CBA/hope I’m not sick during it.

Néih hóu folks.

Just got into my hotel room in Hong Kong after a thoroughly unpleasant, zero-sleep flight. Here for work but have a couple of weekends to mooch around and see stuff which is cool.

Anyone got any recommendations of stuff to see, do and eat?

Spring eh?

Looking forward to it


my fortnightly day off, going to have a mcdonald’s breakfast and get a haircut

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I had a dream last night that I had a chocobo and rode around on it for ages. in completely unrelated news, I played a Final Fantasy game just before going to bed.


Off to work zzzzzz
Dropped my 3 year old off at pre-school. Only been a few days and bawling his eyes out when I go. I’ll take it as a compliment. My baby! :disappointed_relieved::sob:

morning all

tired. ill. hate work. want to go home asap. had a non-trivial amount of unexpected money come through today though, so not all bad I guess. might buy a Switch just because I can.

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Been round 6 times to my neighbours now to collect a mystery package and they don’t want to answer, despite the fact their lights and television are on. What’s the next step guys, note technique? Call Scotland Yard?