Wednesday thread to keep Theo company

Morning all

Poor Theo. Adrift in a different time zone

How are you today?


Haha…I was literally making the same screenshot


Off out to meet up with some grumpy friends (we have that in common).

Massively lacking motivation this week and need to sort my head out, so much to do it’s meaning I end up doing nothing. Gah!

Feel like I’m following Theo

I’ve not really slept at all worrying about my nephew. He had another doctors appointment yeaterday afternoon and now they are urgently admitting him to hospital as some other levels are very high.

The doc reckons it’s either Crohns or Colitis, with a chance it could be something more sinister. Last night i had to be the one reassuring my sister and parents, when in reality i wanted to cry with them.

Tonights my 9 to 9 day. I have to get out if the later bit, no way can i cope with that today.

I’ve got a big project going live tomorrow too.

Kitchens coming along, but with everything else going on i dont really care.

Sorry for the downer.

Leak is still happening. Causing arguments now. Urgh.

Just gonna head to work and forget about it.


Best wishes to you and your family ynot



My day and grumbling seems quite inconsequential compared to some of your other worries. :frowning: hope everything works out for everyone.

I’ve got a day long training course (day 2 of 4).

Thinking of you and your family. I know it’s a trite thing to say but he is in the best place for them to sort out treatment and be looked after. X

I am in bed, called in sick as throat, nose and head are completely bunged, hoarse and aching. Had to get up to make kids and MrS lunches…IK,R

Sorry to hear about this. Hope you can get away and support your family. No need to apologise for venting on here!


Off to a meeting in Southampton today to train some folks on our app. Should be… fine.

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Have you watched the doc Meru? Have you heard of Jimmy Chin??

Best wishes to all of your family @ynot. @Twinkletoes ha ha ha, Southampton, not that I can talk as I work in Basingstoke

Got a big visit on today. Prepping the foodhall for that and then hopefully got a half day. Parents coming to visit later this evening. Meh.

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Just out of interest

How often do you fart?

  • Never
  • Very infrequently
  • Maybe a few times a week
  • Daily
  • A good few each day
  • Your standard, healthy 10-15 a day
  • I think I may have a flatulence issue
  • I am constantly propelled forward by emitting internal gases

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Finished the last night shift about half hour ago.
Had to de-ice the car (my colleague managed to spray de-icer in my eyes somehow).
Went and dieseled up the car and am now sat at the Bassett’s Pole McDo with a double sausage McMuffin and a couple of hash browns. Cheers!


Today is my FRIDAY. Off to Glasgow for work, seeing gorillaz later then off on a mini road trip the rest of the week with friends who are visiting

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Sorry to hear that y :frowning: Hope the doctors can give some better news soon.

I’ve got another hectic day ahead, yet another person has called in sick so my boss is having a freak out and keeps rearranging everyone’s workloads. Argh.

Hi everyone :wave:

Feeling a wee bit gloomy. Going to sit in bed for a while, drink some tea and look at pictures of fluffy things.

Sorry to hear about your nephew @ynot xxxx


Best wishes to your nephew and family @ynot, hope things aren’t as serious as feared.

Feel seriously out of joint today, have absoltuely no patience for anyone’s else bullshit. So fucking noisy in the office already, want to smash up my screens and impressively flounce out.

I won’t. I’ll listen to music to drown the wankery out and try and stop simmering.

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Having a major cba day so going to treat myself to a wfh day (actual working though, got shit to do).

Going to nip to the shops for scones for breakfast in a minute then get on with it.