Wednesday thread

Is it Wednesday? I don’t even know any more.


back to work today. got a new mug I’m about to test out. will report back.

Back to work today for first time in 2 weeks.
I don’t like it.




Tuesday thread.

picture please

nothing whatsoever to report tbh

is it hometime yet? i want to go to bed.

Trying to motivate myself to do more work than I did yesterday. Shouldn’t be very hard to achieve, tbh.

I’m still really tired though. Boring to complain about being tired, isn’t it?


I abandoned a thread that was too boring, even for me. It was for us to share our to do lists then report back later on how much of it we’d done.


Bloody hell mate.

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Less interesting morning anecdote:

Think I looked a bit Yewtree this morning. Lowered the passenger side window of my car at a junction to get a clearer view left and to clear some moisture from it. Didn’t realise there were a couple of schoolgirls stood on the corner who 100% will have thought I was leering at them.

Might move house.


Morning Epimer + co

Last few days of my contract in Switzerland then back home for sweet sweet freelance drudgery. Really looking forward to getting home but I think I’ll miss the feeling of knowing I’m getting paid while on the loo or faffing on the internet

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@lo-pan did return to Scotland directly and not via the Czech Republic didn’t he?



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I started listening to Griefcast this morning with Adam Buxton as the guest talking about his dad.

I cried and laughed loads on the way to work. I’ve got 20 mins left which I plan to finish at my desk.

Hope you get the weather to fly that Thai kite.