Wednesday Thread?

Hows it going?

Hello meow, hello DiS! :raising_hand:

I’m WFH so I’m watching Jeremy Kyle. What else can I watch to save me from this misery?

I’m chilling in the BA lounge - just ate a big bowl of greek yogurt and fruit. San Francisco here I come! Excited to spend a month there but was tough saying bye to the TV this morning - last time we spent more than 10 days apart was 7 years ago.

Going to be in training all day today and tomorrow.

@JDonBalonz, you have the bridge.

hello meows

nothing really to report. got to do some shopping later as we’re running low on absolutely everything.

also i’m tired because i didn’t get in until half midnight last night :tired_face:

Monkey Life, Sky Living or How It’s Made, Quest (features carbon fibre bikes!)

Hi Wednesdayers. Having coffee and watching frasier, obviously. Though the Ch4 announcer just referred to it as ‘fraser’. Bit hungover from birthday, going out again tonight. Got a skype interview this afternoon for a job that I don’t really want but shrug.

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Made a home made honey and ginger tea and stuck a green tea teabag in it for extra flavour. It doesn’t taste bad at all (i filtered all the ginger bits out) thanks for the recommendation the other day. On my way to greenwich to have a my tutorial then its finishing off my, so far, 20 page assignment.

Free breakfast in the office: soft morning rolls filled with scrambled egg, wilted spinach and sun dried tomato .

It had too much garlic.

Literally impossible, sorry.



Feeling a bit happier generally. Let’s hope this survives the moment I go through the doors at work!


I’m the only one in from my team today (apart from the big boss, but they’re always in meetings.) Hmm…

Although, it does mean I can just get on with stuff.

You turned up in my dream last night! I was trying to walk back to Yarmouth from the south of the Isle of Wight (Ventnor possibly?)

You gave me directions to go past some ponds. I don’t know of any ponds in the IoW so I can only presume they were Frensham Ponds.

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I was thinking if I could do this but I’m not sure I could. I’d have to have him come out for like 2 weeks.

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Lovely stuff.

Yeah, whenever we have a few days apart, I always look forward to having all of my free time to myself to go climbing and play video games and choose my own (early) bedtime. And then I miss her much more than I expect (which is nice obviously but also a curse!).

Hey Meow. Hey DiS. Hope you’re all good.

I went to the pub last night and started planning a festival with some friends. Also drank a bit too much.

Hungry now but I’m having pizza for lunch so that’s good.

errmagahhhd that sounds good

Must not google. Must. Not. Google.