Wednesday Thread


Plans for the day? Hungover? Tired? Can’t be CBA?

I’m almost at the end of a 13hr night shift and have an hour drive home. Absolutely whacked. Looking forward to bed.


Lots of CBA here.

Did terribly at a pub quiz last night. Had a good sausage roll though.

Tonight it is turbo beat :sleeping:

It’s too early.

See you in a couple of hours.


Pizza for breakfast!

Got someone shadowing me again at work today :frowning: Have a good day everyone - see you on the other side…

morning team

Morning all!

I’m on the school run this morning so I’ve just been treated to a puppet show by my youngest:

I lost track of the storyline but it was very animated and there was a party at the end.

Work should be okayish.


Got a load of work to do over this week and next then should calm down a wee bit.

Going to gym after work, not been for 3 weeks,so that should be interesting. Only reason I go is to try to stave off fat bastardness, got quite a few pounds to shift after my all inclusive holiday. I like exercise but the gym is grim.


Got a rare interesting job through from a client I like so today I can actually BA.

Going for Thai food tonight with a load of people I don’t know.

Hump Day

Hey-ho. Using up last year’s annual leave so still in bed. Might go and watch the love witch and/or personal shopper this afternoon. Might join a gym- maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for whatever period of time their minimum contract is for.

youngest decided 5am was an exciting time to wake up this morning. Of course he then went back to sleep and I couldn’t…going to be knackered all day.

@colon_closed_bracket we have those ikea trays, all full of half built lego! exciting jinxes

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WFH and getting the train to Oxford to get properly smashed up later. It’ll be a shame to leave the sea but I am looking forward to seeing my pals. (hungover) day off tomorrow then back to Stockholm on Thursday night.

The sea looks prettttttttty good this morning.

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But groggy after going to that exhibition last night. Can’t believe there was so much free beer.

Off out to do some work in a minute, looking forward to that.

Set my alarm for 7 so i could go to the gym. Got up at 8:30. Standard.


Morning all,

Just had a text letting me know that this evenings football session has been cancelled (not enough people). Figuring out whether I should go swimming or for a run instead…

Tried out a new recipe for a meatball dish last night :ok_hand:

Do you have the recipe to hand? Was it good?

Whelp, was very nearly another statistic at the accident black spot on my drive to work. A long wheelbase white van (of course) pulled out across me in a 50 and blocked the road. Emergency stop. The black Audi that was tailgating me (of course) nearly went into the back of me. Front and rear parking sensors screaming at me.

At least if it had gone worse my last words would have been “YOU FUCKING CUNT”, so that’s good.

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Oh good, another day of the VPN not working. Good think I don’t need it for *pauses for effect* everything important I needed to to yesterday and today.

Did you use squizpan in the end?

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