Wednesday Thread

Morning team. Bit fragile this morning after a few too many raspberry sours last night.

Got chatting to the lollipop lady at the end of my road this morning and we were discussing that moron from TOWIE whose bf chucked acid on a load of people on Mare Street. She then told me that I was looking good and that married life suited me :grin:

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Here you go:

It was a fairly easy dish to make with minimal prep required. Tasted pretty goooood (even I do say so myself)!

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G’day all,

WFH again, finally getting this foot looked at later on today.

Looks absolutely gorgeous outside this morning, hate not being able to get out and enjoy it.

Day off tomorrow for sad reasons.

Four day weeks are pretty great n stuff, three day weeks are way better.

Finally home. I’m off to bed.

Might stream Frasier at my desk and have a coffee.

Feel like shit but on the other hand, we successfully killed Strahd last night. RESULT!

alright, eric4



Just managed to waste a third of my phone battery by accidentally leaving it face-up with the torch on. The back of my phone is now toasty.





Waiting in for a delivery, hope it comes soon as I want to go into the office. Will get nothing done here.

Ate fish, chips and beans last night - followed by a big bag of chilli heatwave Doritos and a bigish dairy milk. Washed down with 3x beers, Was good.

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ooft now THAT is a feed

I had a shocker of a day yesterday which resulted in a shocker of a peloton class where I dropped 40 points and I’m gutted but I was having a cry whilst on the bike so I couldn’t really breathe too well.
I feel slightly like i am slipping into a bad week state at the mo.I couldn’t get myself out of bed before 8 today.

I am gonna go somewhere nice at lunch time and continue with crocheting a sock.


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glad it’s sorted though. when are you completing? sorted an actual moving date yet? this all reminds me i still need to get someone in to plasterboard our bedroom ceiling (if any SE londoners know anyone good and reliable please hmu)

the completion date is such a fucking anti-climax. when i went to the estate agents to pick up the keys i wanted there to be a fanfare but they were like “yeah hi, here’s the keys, bye” and then… nothing, that’s it. place is yours.

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Here are the flyers and posters I’m putting out today! I’m also DJ-ing all Prince records all Sunday. Weird how there were no Prince events in the city before his death last year and now this year they’ve popped up everywhere.

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I’ll swap, I fancy having a rifle through your wardrobe and actually enjoying the taste of whiskey.


I’m reminded of this episode of Red Dwarf… I’m sure my liver would be in tip-top condition when you returned it to me :wink:

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