Wednesday thread

Have a great day!

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You too jontosh, you too!!

Did you have good times in Glasvegas?

I was only up there for an afternoon meeting but yes it was pretty pleasant and Stereo was a good call for a beer before heading home.

Think I’ll be up there a few more times this year with work.


On the way to Manchester for work meetings, train is awfully uncomfortable. Sat next to a guy who keeps jabbing me in the ribs with his elbow and appears to have fleas or headlice judging my the furiousity in his regular head scratching.

Don’t want to go to this today, confidence for what I have to present is not high.

Morning all!

Went to Beaumaris yesterday with the intention of going on a boat trip to Puffin Island, only to find out that they’d had to cancel and rebook everyone from the day before because of crap weather, so that was a wasted trip really.

Went down to Ogwen Lake and had a walk up and around Cwm Idwal for a few hours. Did about 7 and a half miles of walking yesterday.

Plan for today is Harlech Castle, fish and chips on the beach at Barmouth and then walk across to Blue Lake near Fairbourne and probably get the train back.


Morning jonny-t, witches and he_2.

My ATD is over from Sydney for 3 weeks so really hoping he misses his bus from Victoria up to UTI today so I can hang out with him in London.

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Not really in the mood today guys :expressionless:


Morning everyone. I would like to hear either way about this job now please. Thanks.

Did anyone like Glasvegas? I had that first album (did they do any more?) and couldn’t fucking stand it.

Got three flat viewings back to back this morn. Cant really be cba’d. Need more cwoffee.

Coffee table has finally arrived and I’m anticipating arguments with the wife as to where it should be placed. I have shoved it in my preferred spot and now I’m going to, ugggghhhh, nip to the gym.

Seriously the gym is grim but helping me maintain my overweight frame is a price worth paying? Hang in a minute it’s a sham, a total waste of time, why am I wasting my time like this?

Looks absolutely beaut urb. I desperately need a holiday.

So thankfully there were no night terrors but there was… a night burp??? Whaaaat the fuck is going on? Do people burp in their sleep normally?? I can’t remember ever witnessing such a thing. Haha!!!

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I slept so badly. And I’m constipated?
But I still managed to get up at 5:50 and go to a HIIT class AND cycle to work. I’m fucking dead and it’s not even 9!

Tonight bf is taking me for pizza :heart:

I need to pop out for breakfast.

Haha, did it wake you up?

I shared a room with 7 20-year-olds on Saturday night and woke myself up with a night fart.

Hopefully no-one else woke up, otherwise I can never visit Sheffield again.

You’d think your body would switch off those sort of functions for the night, really.


Haha no, I just asked the bf if I was nuts in my sleep again and he said “nope… but you did burp” I’m not a burpy person so it was unexpected.

Yeaaah like I’ve heard of people farting in their sleep but burping? Nah.

I call shenanigans. Tell him to prove it.

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Breakfast in Bordeaux, after a 6 mile run.

Temp today to be 33 degrees. Perfect for a day of sightseeing. Au revoir, friend’s.


That is strange!

What about farting?