Wednesday Thread?

Can’t see one and it’s almost 10am!!

What you all up to today?

It’s proper muggy mike but i’m gonna run at lunch then going to temple of seitan tonight :heart:

It’s very muggy here too. Quite uncomfortable I must say.

Getting some admin out of the way this morning, then I’m continuing with the spring (autumn) clean of our house. Very satisfying seeing rooms emptying out and being able to use them again.

Alright meow, kg nods

Finally had confirmation of the price reduction for the hoose we’re buying so final hurdle now.

Do I want to go see england vs slovenia at wembley on september 4th for 10 jib? It’s a world cup qualifier…

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where the fuck is everyone

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Was meant to be going to the pub tonight but massively cba, so I’ll make an excuse and go home to spin around in my computer chair all evening instead.

Morning meow, kg, j_i, eps and etc! Muggy here also. Fever’s gone so back in work today. Got a couple of fringe shows this evening

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toolstation / screwfix / b&m bargs TRIPLE WHAMMY
paint our bedroom again maybe
pack for :biking_woman: weekend with a load of DiSers

Did you manage to find somewhere to stay in the end?

yep, Premier Inn, so bit of a shitter but we won’t really be there so it’s fine tbh

@japes vitamin C question in here pls


got the lurgy so i’m nailing vitamin c & zinc tablets. can I take too many of these do you reckon? the packet said do not exceed 1 a day but i’m already at 3.

Morning everyone.

Really can’t cba arsed with work, but I’ve only got 3 days left so…

Question: Has anyone done ‘how to play’ videos on YouTube with tabs usefully overlaid? Thinking it might be a thing to do.

I believe you can take too many, yes. Won’t kill you, but might fuck you up a bit.

You’ll probably just piss it out.

Yer man Linus Pauling was OBSESSED with vitamin C in his later years. Thought it could cure cancer and might even be the source of eternal life. He also smoked a ton of weed, though.


urgh please make sure this has gone before the weekend :cold_sweat:

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guy i used to work with would take them whenever he felt a cold coming on, so now i do it too. absolutely no evidence that it has the slightest effect but :man_shrugging:

good morning meow and the rest of you splendid fuckers,

busy wee day ahead and then getting my hair cut later, that’s about it.

Morning all.

Listening to the new Big|Brave album. S’good. Also I just ate a Tunnock’s teacake

That’s all I have. Hope everyone is well.

no idea who that was tbh

“In his later years he promoted nuclear disarmament, as well as orthomolecular medicine, megavitamin therapy, and dietary supplements. None of the latter have gained acceptance in the mainstream scientific community”