Wednesday thread

It’s really the afternoon where I’m at.
I’m starting to get somewhat lonely but not long til I come home so no biggie. I went for a long hot run before the sun came up and saw a sign to say watch out for otters! No otters spotted tho.

I also tried a Durian mooncake. It tasted like cheese and onion and everyone laughed at me. This is now repeating on me heavily every time I burp.


Hi Meowington.

Are you in Malaysia or something? Good trip?

It’s evening here. Had a fairly decent day at work - started off having breakfast with the team in a cafe. Followed by a small but worrying looking fire in the building next door. Finished off all the work I need to do.

Got the next two days off at a law librarians conference, which probably won’t be that exciting but some friends of mine will be there including a former workmate coming from Auckland who would be one of my AT(Workplace)Ds. So that’s nice. And free booze in the evening…

morning all. i have a cracking headache and will be working with an incredibly annoying man today, not a good combo. getting my guitars back from the guitar shop though so i’m excited about that. hope they’re all shiny and new.

nowt else going on, pretty much just killing time til masterchef later.

I am in Singapore! I should have done some kind of Asia/Aus morning thread whilst I was here. Where are you?

Free booze is always exciting!

Ah cool. (I was close!). Yeah, there’s probably four or five people who could have posted in an Asia-Pacific thread…

I live in Wellington. Missing England a bit at the moment when my social media is full of people loving End of the Road.

Ooh, yesterday was good too - got a message out of the blue from one of my best friends who I see maybe once or twice a year, that she was in town, so we caught up for drinks.

@ericthefourth love a freshly set up guitar, so good. like a freshly serviced bike

@meowington how did you find the flight over in the end… worth it? Are the people you’re working with nice?

I’m gonna go food shopping, move the furniture back into the living room, empty my music room and paint it. Then watch cycling all afternoon. Probably master chef later.

Yep! They’ve gone to town on it as well and widened the nut and fitted 60 gauge strings for drop c tuning \m/ really excited to play it.

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What sort of guitars you play, eric?

I play an epiphone LP. T’other one is just a rubbish fender bass but have been playing it in C for years without a proper setup or strings

(Take it to the gear thread, nerds)

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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I feel like I’ve asked you this before :smiley: (unless someone else here plays an Epiphone; I’ve got one as well).

(This is now the gear thread)

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Well I’m off with brochospasms. Brilliant.

I launched a Patreon for my podcast which probably makes me the mortal enemy of many on here right? Pomplamoose eh

Good day troops,
Had a pure pish nights sleep due mainly to the ex phoning me at 1.30am cos she was upset about work stuff, stuff about us and her impending move to London.
She was on for nearly 2 hours, I didn’t have the heart to end the call sooner even though she was pretty half cut and repeating lots :grinning:
Also twisted my back when I got out of bed and every time I stand up it’s sore.
That being said I’m gonna get up now and get another coffee

Quite a good night’s sleep which started at properly at half one and ended at half five due to The Child’s reluctance to feed.

Finished A Visit From The Goon Squad again for book club tonight. It wasn’t even as average as it was first time round.

Leftover chicken and rice for lunch but I forgot the hot sauce it’s going to need to make it better than filling.

would support you if I had the money :frowning:

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Morning all. Blaring Can and cleaning my kitchen. Place is in a state and I was only gone for five days. Got loads of work to be doing but this is a nice way to start the day.

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Somehow got food poisoning and feeling rubbish today so I’m working in my pyjamas for a treat. The TV is out tonight for some work thing so there’s a good chance that both my lunch and dinner will be takeaway.

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Nah not at all. Think the supporter model is the only viable way forward for a lot of creative types tbh. Those pomplamousses were just a bunch of herberts.

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I considered doing this. If I thought I could manage an album every month I would probably give it a go.

I’ve completely forgotten my work login passwords. They’ve just fallen out of my head overnight. I’ve clearly been doing them by muscle memory and now I have to think about it they’re gone.

I need a coffee.

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