Wednesday thread

nobody needs to make an album a month dude, that’s insane. you would just end up cranking them out for the sake of it even if they were no good. you could commit to one or two albums a year or something, nothing to stop you making more than that if the mood takes you.

have you tried p3n01d?


Hi hi pobbles,

Had to double check this made up word didn’t have any rude/offensive meanings… it wasn’t a thorough check so it probably does. Sorry.

I’ve started my morning by buying some banana shaped dishes :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :banana: NOW to coffee :point_right: :point_right: :point_right: :coffee:

Starting to get a wee bit excited about Halloween already guys… squeee… I wish I had friends who liked dressing up for it because I’d really like to make a costume. This halloween we’re going to be watching Prince of Darkness in a church, anyone seen it? I’m yet to watch it sadly, are there any random characters/objects I could go as? The more abstract the better.

Hello meow.

Nothing much to report. Got free tickets to an orchestra doing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy later. Should be okay.

Need to pick some curtains for our bedroom. Here is is redecorated with shit old curtains which came with the flat:

I’m thinking dark grey? Also we’re going to take the cover off the storage heater and attempt to spray it with white radiator paint.

Nuuarrrghh … trying… to be… restrained…

You should just go mad, niki. GO MAD. What’s the rest of the room going to be like? WHAT ARE YOUR THEMES?

Or grey, dark grey would be lovely too :slight_smile: Hows the redecoration going?? I bet its fun seeing it all come together!!

So. Much. Work. Ugh. Off on a terribly timed holiday next week right in the middle of the most stressful and important month I’ve had in over 3 years in this job. Hoping I can actually enjoy being away.
Popping over to Sheffield later to have dinner with my best friend who just got engaged, so that’s something to look forward to at least.


I saw some curtains with dinosaurs on them and maybe I’ll get those.

I dunno – the wardrobe is bright red. Think red curtains might be a bit much? Given all our bedding is massively multicoloured, I just don’t know.

Other furniture is like oak-y, but we’re likely to replace it all in time given it’s IKEA stuff. Maybe.

that’s for the other room (!)

(where are those curtains from??)

i’m just back after two days off with a cough. was quite shite

carol at works brought me in a hard boiled egg :upside_down_face:


Yeah, it’s a tricky one if you’ve got a lot of bright colours and accessories it makes sense to keep things like curtains/blinds a bit neutral BUTBUTBUT sometimes, I just think why not just go full on with everything? Just put up what makes you happy! Sometimes that works too, right?

My inspiration in human form is Iris Apfel :smiley: -


what on earth is a pobble?

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Yeah – curtains are bloody shite anyway really aren’t they. Jay Lews have some nice geometric looking ones:


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You’re a pobble, Eric :hugs:


I got some nice dark grey curtains from Johnny L’s. Recommended, would curtain again.

They can be brilliant though. I had to go view a flat for my Mum and the people had this heavy bee patterned material and I seriously think it’s what made me think the flat was incredible… I quickly realised that shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

When I was home i found this AMAZING fabric that used to belong to my granny, it’s really heavy, it’s bright blue and green, my Mum and I saw it and were both like WOW… It’s the kind of fabric you’d use in a really fancy old house, which I will never own myself but I need to make curtains or reupholster a chaise longue in it one day. When I do I will just drink cocktails and drape myself amongst the curtains or lay upon the chaise longue pretending I’m fancy.

I love yellow by the way, those are really cool curtains!!

Wednesday. Yet again I have actual work to do. Cannot be arsed.

Stop fondling me!

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Morning all! Exchanged on beard house yesterday so got a pretty solid night’s sleep last night. Found out from the vendor’s that it’s virginia creeper over the front so in autumn it’ll do this which is pretty sweet:

EDIT: prolly gonna remove that shutterstock decal when we move in.