Wednesday thread


I’m really tired. Just ate a bacon sandwich for breakfast. HBU?


Eating breakfast and wishing I was still in bed.


I’m also tired! On the train to work, day of bullshit meetings and revamping PowerPoint slides ahead :expressionless: but then I am off tomorrow and Friday so not all bad


Off Friday and Monday and tomorrow will just be a piss about so today is my Friday? Kind of.

Plan to try to get through today without screaming.

Used to like my job but new boss is a clown and the person he made my supervisor is hopelessly out of their depth.


WFH - got a load of fiddly SQL to occupy myself with. Yay…


I see the same guy on the same train every single day. He always sits in the same seat. Ive left a bit earlier today and hes only bloody walking infront of me!!! :hushed:


also tired, early shifts make me feel weird. gonna porridge now. pub quiz later.

hope everyone has a satisfying bowel movement today.


Is it your shadow?


Do you ever see People From The Train Judy wandering around the supermarket on a weekend? For me, it’s a bit like seeing your school teacher in Tesco.


In Carcassonne airport, ready to fly back to Glasgow after two weeks of le pain et le fromage. Don’t really want to leave France. I love it here.


Peanut butter toast and some apple strudel yogurt. Got PE training this morning and mooching around the Roman Baths this afternoon in the name of learning about teaching history.

Mega fun


So tired and ill, I’ve probably used a tree’s worth of tissues already argh. This close :ok_hand: to running back home and into my bed


2 buses didn’t turn up




Classic Judy


Morning. Fucking pub alarm went off at 2, for an hour. Bit tired. Mood not helped by the gaggle of cunts who think it’s alright to speed around in their shitty middle manager cars with no lights on when it’s ridiculously foggy.

I mean, nothing to report.


first of three full days of software testing. Might play football tonight if I get out at a reasonable time


I’m good thanks.

Came home last night to find mr pn had bought me a single speed as an early birthday present. So today I commuted on that. A lot of fun.

Not much else to report tbh.


Driving to Irlam for a meeting and then spending the night in Manchester. Currently at Rivington south services.


Got stung on the tit by a wasp in Roundhay Park on Saturday. It’s itching like fuck now.