Morning DiS. I’m on Annual Leave, but work phoned as they were short so I’m at work! All good though and looking forward to chilling later. For now… coffee.


Morning everyone!

Kids have picked up the requisite colds from starting school so one was sent home early yesterday, and now I’m stuffed to the max as well.

At least it means some pokemon on the couch today, but I’ve got a huge report to finish a first draft on so will be mainlining the coffee.





Not much else to report

Victoria has had to accept that we’re utterly fucked by Delta and playgrounds will open again on Friday for under 12s, so that is really good for us.

They’ve asked that parents stop using it as an excuse to be sociable, keep masks up at all times, i.e. just lower to sip your coffee.

There are also going to be check-in QR codes.

Some sort of relief. Apparently we get to go as far as 10kms from home on the 23rd, in theory .



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Midwife appointment this afternoon.

Other than that: nothing. Feels weird being A Lady Of Leisure.


It’s September
It’s raining
I’m on a delayed train going into the office

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Morning all.

Very tired but also a bit buzzed from first gig in nearly two years last night. Not totally sold by them on record but crack cloud live (at Mono) were really fucking brilliant. So good to be back. Next gig isn’t till November but somehow I’ve ended up with 3 in 7 days then. Whoops.

Bumped into a local Glasgow young team legend too.

Work today then Scotland attempting to play football later.


Back to school.

Very much echoing @colon_closed_bracket mood

Fire Marshall and First aid training all day so can’t even get anything useful done. 🤷 Least it’s a nice easing into the term as kids aren’t back until next week.


Make the most of it. :star_struck: Watch telly, take naps and cook lovely things.

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This is the way it has been at the school gates since February 2020 here, in Glasgow.

And since we went back in August a few fucks haven’t done it.

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Morning all!

The Child is being kept off nursery because she has a cough. She was up through the night and we think it’s better she stays off. The nearest PCR is twelve miles away so we’ll probably try to lateral flow her later.

I’m not teaching today but it’s still going to be hard work.

I think the problem is that it was fine before Delta when that was done but clearly the transmission rate is so much higher you can’t even risk that.

Wednesday morning bangers

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Got to go to the doctor for some tests later. They gave me a couple of these:

So I guess we’re going for ice cream after! Going to have two scoops of chocolate.



Going to Oxford for the day, any suggestions?

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Ben’s Cookies in the covered market.

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Well that’s done now. What a start to the day.

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