Just watch this video in reverse



Not sure what the grass clippings add to it, mind you.

At work.

Bike sounded like it was about to fall apart on my way in.

Urrrggggghhhhhh back to work. So tired!

I’m tired. Got another email saying my parcel would be delivered between 7 and 9. Not here yet, of course.


Had some nice tapas and beerz last night, got a coffee and a cinnamon bun for the walk of shame but I am sleeepy

Work, packing for EOTR, going to see Julianna Barwick, hopefully a reasonably early night


In the office again, but it’s really quiet here, so it’s not so bad.

While I was in the car park switching off I had a random press of a few buttons (because it’s quite novel driving my car after all this time), and I’ve managed to get the ECO button stuck in. So I guess I’m driving home like an overly cautious driver then :confused:

It’s not back to school for us just yet - that’s not until next Monday

Had one of those mornings where everything just took a little bit longer than normal.

Now having to slog through a massive staff survey that a) has questions that make you identifiable b) is asking BS myers briggs type stuff c) is apparently costing us £50k in consultancy fees. This is a great motivator.


I was also supposed to be on annual leave but cancelled it as have too much work. Mainly cancelled so I could attend a 2 hour “last chance to get your development in next week” meeting and the people haven’t turned up……
Quite excited to write up my scathing lack of engagement email documenting all the no replies to meetings and emails this group have done to my manager.
Think they think I will put their project in in a few weeks but I’m gonna push for it to be dropped completely until resource is available again….which is in 2023 hahahahahaha

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No cereal, running to shops, will die of hunger orherwise

cereal of choice?

normally pecan maple crunch or something similar

but today went old school with some Alpen


You can tell a lot about a person by what cereal they eat.

I’m too ashamed to tell DiS what cereal I eat - in my defence, it’s because my stepdad gets it and my usual ran out, and I’ve been obsessed ever since :grimacing:

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Oooh do me.

Standard: apricot wheats

Treat: cinnamon grahams


3 with no sugar almond milk

Crunchy nut on a weekend (2 bowls)

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At work today.
I’m wearing my homemade navy linen jumpsuit and I love it :sunglasses:


Good to see you last night ma man, sorry i didn’t hang around and chat for longer.
thought the band were fucking excellent. so good to be back at a proper gig.

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Hey Tim, assuming you mean the Brighton Julianna Barwick show, it has unfortunately been postponed to March next year for rona-related reasons.

Usually crunchy nut cornflakes or coco pops, but this week I’ve been trying these out


Stupid pandemic. A local band are looking for a bassist for Oceansize/Puscifier type stuff. Might actually have gotten off my arse of it wasn’t for… everything