Wednesday thread

Got a long afternoon ahead up on the roof of the bookshop, BUT tonight gonna cook something out of my new otto lenghi cookbook

Oh no I didn’t read the bit about reciprocation

Rest assured that I love you and in a Day After Tomorrow situation would trek across tundras to bring you back to the new community we had built post-apocalypse.

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Morning kids,

We’ve just had a fox walk along the 10 foot high wall at the end of our back garden. WTF? No wonder Pascal isn’t keen on hanging outside these days.

Anyway, what a lovely sunny day - must make sure I actually get out in it rather than sitting in a darkened room all day

Last day of holidays. Going to spin class in an hour and then just making the most of doing nothing and looking forward to day 4 of yoga later. Annoyed I didn’t get up at 8am when I did my alarm which means I’ll be less tired later :worried: But first, peanut butter on toast and coffee.


This has really made me laugh cause I’m imagining you on a roof, repairing it and fighting bad guys, all Jason Statham-esque, attached to ropes.


It was neeson though wasn’t it, the worst of the action heroes

So yes actually, replace him with stath pls

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You take that back!! I watched Taken the other day cause I fancy Neeson so much. Shit film, but what a man. Save me, Neeson, save me!

Thought of you before Christmas cause I was forced to watch Die Hard and I kept trying to get enjoy it by thinking “imagine Bruce is Xylo. Get into it. He’s your crime fighting pal” but it wasn’t for me so sorry for failing you.

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Neeson’s ONE good movie is Cold Pursuit, a film so bafflingly excellent that everyone should watch it, even if they’re neither a film of action nor Neeson.

Taken is only okay for the ‘I have a specific set of skills’ meme it birthed.

Seriously though if you like the idea of dadcore neeson at his best, watch that damn movie.

As for being Bruce, it’s a hell of a compliment BUT my hairyness means that the white vest on me would look atrocious:’(

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FAN of

can i tell you to watch the original again here, or is that just snobbish (again) :wink:

:smiley: you can but you’re probably going to choke on your flat white when I tell you Neeson makes it better

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I’m waiting for my groceries to arrive in about an hour, might go for a ride after that. Miiiiight try cycling into the nearest town for the first time tomorrow, but it’s very weather and energy dependant.

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Morning all!

I had a shower, a shave and did 30 minutes work before returning here.

I’ve got 21 teaching weeks left before the summer although 14 of those take place before Easter.

This is going to sound like I’m 12 years old but I’m feeling mega homesick at the moment :confused: rubbish.

Morning all.

1st morning back in work and already had to slog through guidance docs for 3 grant schemes that were issued over my break. You’d think 2 years in government departments would be better at this by now, especially given the amount of feedback they’ve had, but no, they’re getting worse.

Smudge is making some weird gurgling noises and is off his food. I cocked up the order of his food yesterday though so it’s probably just indigestion.

On a more positive note, its bin day for the flats at the end of our little cul de sac and a small forest of Christmas trees has sprung up.

First day back in work but i couldnt get out of bed and i’m running about an hour late. Oops. Still stopped to buy a bagel on my way in though. Needs must isnt it. Left my cafetiere at work before xmas, hoping it’s still there :crossed_fingers:

Had a virtual meeting with my employment advisor at the ‘Culture & media’ section of the Govt. employment service and he was like ‘Yeah, Covid innit, there’s no jobs in this sector. Fill out your form once a month and hope for the best’


Oh, and if anyone is looking for the :guitar: :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: :microphone: JAMuary :notes: :headphones: :drum: :loud_sound: thread, it got moved to the Music Board

Mission Accomplished :us: :eagle:


Very helpful to see you’ve added a banana for scale


Woke up to messages about a problem with an important spreadsheet. “Someone seems to have sorted it incorrectly” i say, and then immediately realise that person was me :zipper_mouth_face:

I stopped doing yoga when the evening class at my gym got cancelled, leaving only the 7:30am one. I’d love to be the sort of person who can do yoga at that time of day but it’s very far from becoming a reality