Wednesday thread

Morning folks.

Morning punk.


Hello all.

Sun’s shining here which is nice.

Finally had my neurologist’s appointment at the hospital yesterday so today is my first day as an officially diagnosed epilepsy person. To celebrate my stomach appears to have decided to stop hurting, although that could be down to me starting to take antacids yesterday under the suspicion that I have an ulcer, in which case it’ll be temporary and I’ll have that to deal with down the line…

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Up far too early for my liking. Had a shower, trimmed my beard up, given the kids their breakfasts. Now drinking a cuppa and listening to American Football. Dropping the kids at their nanny and poppa’s later then going to IKEA. Woop.

Also booked a table for fancy dinner tonight. Oooh


Morning all!

Bit of teaching and marking to do today but my main target is getting to spend the afternoon playing computer games.

No football tonight so I should be going to the gym but the jury is still out on that one.

Enjoy your child-free day @rich-t!

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Despite having gotten barely any sleep on Monday night, I went to see Dry Cleaning last night and loved it. HOWEVER, I am now on a second night of not much sleep and I’m like “uuuuuuggghhh”

I don’t even drink so I can’t imagine what late nights do to drinking people

Hey up

Nothing really planned today, might let the kids watch Pulp Fiction like a responsible parent. :star_struck:

Or go for something more family like Blackhat?

Lot of tasty recipes bookmarked on my phone so light try one of those as well.

Morning :wave:

Just had a pistachio filled croissant. Have had to call it quits two-thirds of the way in but if all that pistachio paste sends me to an early grave please bury the rest of the pastry with me.

Work can get in the bin. Would quite like to go on a long nature walk today, sit down and do a bit of writing in the sun, go to a cosy pub and read, pet some dogs, eat some soup, go for a swim.

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Hope that the diagnosis means you can now access the things that you need. Enjoy the sun :sun_with_face:


Morning everyone :wave: :hugs:

Really fancy a long weekend soon. Quite fancy the description that @inthedusk just wrote. Yes please! By the way, I love your avatar :alien:


Been swimming and eaten a very sickly chocolate cake. Need to do some research for a meeting this afternoon but will be distracted by some exciting post arrivals.

Just me and a packet of these bad boys…


Ah thank you, it’s by Hannah Bess Ross. She’s great <3

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Cried to Phoebe Bridgers a few times at 2am this morning, so not sure I’m operating at my very best at the moment :smiley:

Training and development day, which means half paying attention to teams calls with my camera off as I cram in all the other work I haven’t been doing for the last … while

Pub quiz later though hopefully

Day 427 (or so it feels) in Plague House, and we finally have a breakthrough! Yes, one of us is back testing negative. Fingers crossed they’re negative tomorrow too. Unfortunately it’s the one who can’t go out without an adult (both of whom are still testing positive). Le sigh


Did you know that as an adult, you can eat biscuits for breakfast and no one can stop you! :cookie:


Do you know what I had for breakfast today, Gnomeo? A Tunnocks caramel wafer, and nobody could do a damn thing about it.


Mornin all

Woken up with a sore throat. Done a latty flow and its clear, so it’s not that at least.

Sun is currently out, so will be taking the dog for a walk shortly. Will assess how windy it is, with a view to getting the bike out the garage for the first time in two weeks this afternoon.

£200 tax refund letter. Might get a Local Indian tonight.


What’s that, Sainsburys have cancelled our delivery this morning, during the window it was meant to arrive in, and after they’ve taken payment? That’s EXACTLY the news I wanted to hear while we’re isolating. There better be delivery slots available tomorrow.