Wednesday thread

Good luck! Its sad that the times i only appreciate being able bodied is the times that freedoms are lost to me, like the time i was on crutches and now when im stuck at home and rely on others to get me food from outside, and how expensive it is to use uber eats etc but oh my God, im so grateful to be able to do stuff for myself, its a terrible thing to lose independence and to have to rely on others and disabled people and elderly people have to do that all the time


Morning! Boring work day ahead but excited about going climbing this eve. Jealous of everyone with the sun out, it’s still hiding behind clouds here

Sainsbury’s are really bad for this BS, also not having something so they give you a voucher refund that you can only redeem with them not giving you your own money back. If it weren’t for them being my only trusted online supplier of onion bagels I’d have sacked them off long ago (also this week they tried to charge me £7 delivery after me choosing the £2 super saver slot which they confirmed and without flagging up in any apparent way that they were charging more as apparently if it’s between £40 and £50 that amount is ‘changeable’. I only noticed it when I went back to do some amends so I cancelled and went with asda)

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This came up on my Google memories today and I don’t think I’ve shown you all my :avocado: t-shirt…

Mr A Taco was a bit shy about being in the photo… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Had this one really, really long hair that would grow out of my lower back (regrowing when removed) for more than a decade. Just realised it’s not there anymore. Feel a bit sad about it tbh :cry:

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Aaah yes! Just found I’m already following them, I presume i may have asked you about them before :laughing: love their stuff :heart:

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Waiting on a few “presents” for myself today. Haha.

  • a garish cardigan that will probably look awful on me but I had to try.
  • a Hornsea pin plate that will act as a teabag drying plate.
  • two picture frames for my Hadley collage prints.

Must stop buying things as a way to make myself feel better :scream:


RIP random back hair


I had one visible chin hair that I’d pluck every time I saw it, for about 10 years. Then about 5 years ago it stopped growing back. Weird.


There’s a guy working on our phone line so I’ve got no broadband and can’t do any work. This might sound like a good thing but if it continues I’ll have to go into the office, which I don’t want to do, so I hope he fixes it soon.

take it to the thread!

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In slightly more positive delivery news, my new sunglasses have arrived already! I didn’t even receive a despatch notice.

And we’ve managed to get a Sainsburys slot for 11-12 tomorrow too. Fingers crossed they deliver otherwise we’re really in trouble.


Do you ever have such a good weekend planned you just cbf with the rest of the week?

Hi, not doing great. Very close to going off work sick and causing more issues.

Another step closer to Spring…

Patitently awaiting the bluebells and tree blossom…


Sending hugs :heart:

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All I need now is to be able to leave the house:


some guy in an interview just made a really awkward joke about getting deported (white, British). mate.

Added with one extra I forgot about!

Works though! (Temporarily) X

I love a window shop now, add to basket, leave a week. By which point it’s out of stock and I feel I’ve saved ££ :rofl: