Wednesday thread

Alright? At the airport. Apparently this is a thing - don’t get it.


It’s Star Wars day mate 4th of May or, if you’re American, MAY THE FOURTH (be with you).

For the record, “Somehow Palpa-Plane Returned” is some genius shitposting.


I only just realised our local big supermarket uses video cameras on the self-service checkouts.

So when I put a green vegetable or fruit down and hit ‘fruit & veg’ the popular options are all green items. That’s cool.

What’s less good is that when I bought a bunch of carrots and had them in one of the paper bags for mushrooms in order to avoid using plastic, the machine paused after I bagged them until one of the staff came over and reviewed the images of my purchase and confirmed that, yes, I had in fact bought carrots and wasn’t trying to diddle the chain out of some cents by mis-selecting things.

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Post this on twitter with hash tags and youll get serious numbers.

Morning everyone! Expect huge levels of posting today as I am on a train from 12.30pm to 7pm, woop!


You visiting London?

Gloucester! No London meat. No meat at all, I’m looking for veggie recs for tea! Lol

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Happy Chris Packham Day. 61 today, unbelievable ageless beauty.

Such gorgeous relentless rain for my tour this morning. Can only hope this means more zero shows for a tour :pray:

Off to see Wuthering Heights at the theatre later but first, several small naughty children to get the hell out of my flat.


Also my sister’s birthday. So Chris Packham and my sister born today. Good day.

Anyway, off today. Taking B to a toddler soft play thing today, then drop O’s school acceptance details into the school, do top up shop, pick up a print from the framers, make dinner, get my bonnet looked at, drive to Gosport to pick up a bike for my daughter’s birthday later in the month. Too busy


Morning all!

Despite me playing it cool* all of yesterday, I’m still on strike today and tomorrow (and most of next week too by the look of it).

I’ll be heading down to the picket once The Child is packed off to nursery. I need to sign some things for new windows later and then I will hopefully be finishing a job application this afternoon.

*yes, I do think I curse the negotiations if I express optimism about the outcome before anything is agreed


Had an appalling sleep because of hayfever. Got a headache, blocked nose and itchy, sore throat.

Weather forecast looks miserable (if still very mild) and there’s a parcel being delivered, so I’m taking the opportunity to laze around and do fuck all.

Car or hat?

back in the office after a fucking great weekend in islay. shattered right enough as i had a dreadful nights sleep last night.

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nah, my bonnet lock has come out so a colleagues boyfriend is coming out to look at how bad the repair might be. Either a new lock and grill, or just take the grill off and reattach. Hopefully the latter

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Cat brought in a bluetit which flew into the window. Poor thing was stunned and fortunately the cats aren’t very sure what to do with something that’s not flapping about in a panic so managed to get it to safety, poor thing

Absolutely lame start to the day :frowning:



Telly installation person will be here “first call”

That means:

  • Before 9
  • Between 9 and 10
  • Between 10 and 12
  • Between 12 and, idk, 6
  • No show, you’re going to have to blu tack it to the wall yourself and hope for the best

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Ah god. Chris will know :frowning:

If I only knew how old he was to allow me to correctly repent by hitting myself with twigs that number of times


Happy “IT’S JUST A FUCKING FILM” day. Seriously - two hours entertainment 45 years ago and people have turned it into a thing. sigh

Anyway, I’m in the office today. Wednesdays are getting so busy that security were out in force directing people to where the remaining parking spaces were. Thank goodness I’ve got a tiny car and am ok at parking in bays otherwise the pressure on me could have been huge.

In other news, it looks like Jimbo’s passport might be on it’s way, which hopefully means that we might go on a proper sunny, guaranteed nice weather holiday! Woo!


Alright? Graduating today (just a bit delayed) :man_student:


Fully booked across 3 x 1hr sessions. Which is annoying as I specifically asked my wife if I’d need to book and she said nah m9. In all fairness, each session had 3 people booked in at 9pm last night. Still thats an hour of today I get back