Wednesday Thread

Alright? A bit grey and rainy down here this morning and I slept badly but must get down the beer mines nonetheless. Not much going on today tbh, but how about YOU?



Grey and misty here. But washings out and looks nicer later.

Meeting the project boss today for a long handover meeting in assuming. IT wiped my phone and laptop yesterday and they’re not continuing their updates. So I’m stuck not bring able to work after the meeting. Need to pick up some shopping bits and try and not get to panicked by my imposter syndrome

On an early train (for me anyway) so I can leave work early for a suit fitting later.

Sunny but cold. Where is my spring?!


Day three of annual leave. At that awkward stage of decorating where the house is a total mess, most of the work needs to be done, I’m tired, and want to do something else.

Off to B&Q shortly to get paint. Then will be painting all day. Boo.

In a WFH organisation so meeting a member of my team I work closely with in person for the first time today. She lives in the same area so we’re going to meet at a garden centre cafe which is nice and chill. This is the kind of thing I would normally have massive anxiety about but she seems super friendly so think it will be okay. Helps that it’s a familiar environment to me too.

Need to buy ericaceous compost. I will definitely forget to buy ericaceous compost.

GP appointment to ask to go off antidepressants later :crossed_fingers:

Nothing else of note.


Painting is all about the music - need something upbeat and motivating but not too wild. Can make the time (and paint flecks) fly.

Good luck!

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Good call. I had Beck’s “Colors” album on yesterday while clearing rooms out which helped a lot.

Hope your GP appointment goes well.

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Terrible sleep, bad mood, self doubts - the classic trio!

Hopefully a pain au choc and a sunny lunch walk will balance the scales … slightly

First day back after a week and a bit off. Haven’t prepared metally as was potentially on jury duty but not needed today and need to ring back again after 5pm (really hate this system though obviously understand it)

Was thinking about taking another days leave but think I’ll just phone it in instead


Morning angels :innocent:

Got to go and make an advert this morning and i am very much not camera ready but I’m going to prioritise making toast over putting on make up.

Sat on the cat a bit just now


Drinking 6 pints last night was a mistake. I reckon I’m still a bit drunk; hangover hasn’t kicked in yet. Yeah, not doing that again.


Not sure i have any coffee beans either

Morning DiS,

In the office today, and it’s FAR too busy. Why can’t I have a quiet life?

It was sunny for most of the drive in, then got foggy just as I crossed the M25 and approached the office. If ever there was an omen it was that.

My coffee delivery never turned up this week either. I’m hoping that things are just a bit out of kilter following the bank holiday - thankfully I had some backup beans

Looked at my calendar, saw I have no meetings until midday, and instinctively put my laptop to sleep. So that’s that, I guess?

I’ll be in the other room watching cartoons.

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I have no milk for my chai

Let’s all go back to bed



*stay in bed, for me

Went to Wickes after the school run to buy some nails to fix the patio gate, but forgot my wallet didn’t I :upside_down_face:

Have improvised with some screws instead - that’ll keep the rabbits where they’re supposed to be, during their afternoon feed/runaround

Just checked my holiday credit card spending.
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