Wednesday threaddd

I was actually proactive and got something complicated finished, today has flown by so far.

Considering that yesterday I was in a very low mood, didn’t get home until 1am from a gig, was woken up at 3am by the cat wanting to snuggle into my head and that I was up at 6:30 this morning I’m feeling very refreshed and happy. The complete opposite to yesterday morning.

La Dispute and Petrol Girls were both great last night. Great gig, if hot and very sweaty.

Today I’m working 9am to 9pm again, but I’m actually fine with it.

Our local councillor has now said that it’s a scare story and the thing will only eat rodents. I suspect he’s in the pocket of Big Snake.


Maybe he IS the snake.

Nah he’s not a Tory.

A distant blood relative of the Royal family perhaps?

I haven’t asked. Not really up for asking an elected public official for a copy of their birth certificate, it’s not a great look.

Saw Sharon Van Etten last night. She was extremely good. Some voice.

I thought it was going to be One Of Those Nights when @ttf’s downstairs neighbours came and stood directly behind me 10 minutes before showtime, but they were impeccably behaved throughout.

I’ve got a vimto and a diet coke on the go at the moment, taste sensation.


I was going to go to that but then I realised that I couldn’t be arsed.

Close one, though.


We had to drag ourselves off the settee and force ourselves to go.

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You’re way way better than Thatcher pervo, unlike her you don’t cause untold human suffering but bring joy to our lives :hugs:

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I’ve got Part Chimp tomorrow but getting there is going to involve driving home from work, cycling into the centre for another thing, then cycling from that to the Portland, then cycling home.

This is all definitely, definitely going to happen. Definitely.

I wish everything wasn’t so hard


Bought 4 lamps because they were £2 but then they were £4

:musical_note: and heaven knows I’m miserable nowwwwww :musical_note:


Been for a drive to get a McDo for lunch


Might treat ourselves to a trip to The Range after.

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you must have been quite peckish

What is the difference between “LARGE FRIES” and “LRG FRIES”?

It’s all right, I love McD chicken nuggets too


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The missus has been sending me some proper filth on the old Snapchat