WEDNESDAY Threadivision


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Morning MP.

I am just about to shut down and think about making dinner. We have a box thing that we are making from instructions tonight so hopefully all will be well.


Had a little cry this morning at how nice the cast of Schitts Creek seem in real life. Hi hormones!

Uni this morning, then work and “catch up” with my boss which has instilled the fear in me.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


:jack_o_lantern::two::four: :santa:t2::seven::nine:


:heart_eyes: :star_struck:


Morning all. Back to work today, but with a whole fortnight on leave after I clock off on Saturday evening and I’ve got the Working Men’s Club album for later.

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morning all.

got a telling off for putting up a mischievous (internal) out of office reply saying my time at the company had gone to the glue factory. apparently I might be “feeling stung” but it “doesn’t do me credit” to make jokes like that. lol, boring. what are they going to do, fire me? (I did change it tho.)

catching up on Bake Off. a useless baker, but I love Rowan and would lay down my life for him.

handover meeting at 1 :grimacing: going to try and get 3 job applications out today and not spend all day F5ing my emails to see if I have any updates.

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Wednesday, huh? Too many meetings, as per usual, including some I really can’t be arsed with. Why isn’t it friday yet?

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Just in clearing out my desk to go WFH for the forseeable. Might have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange for breakfast.

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I year ago I met ollie the cat, hope he is doing well

Also this freakishly hot october day, my friends and I went to the seaside. It was surreal seeing the autumn landscape with boiling hot weather. love this google function :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just working today pals

Would you buy this?

  • Yes
  • No
  • 🤷

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only because I have enough coats :slight_smile:
think it looks alright

Ooo yes I’ve got this lined up to listen to

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Do you ‘get’ Drill?


Morning everyone

Got work, just had marmite toast. Washing it down with a lovely cuppa

I mean, does anyone really ‘get’ drill?

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That October was crazy for like two weeks iirc, I was house sitting in Yorkshire and remember loads of kids swimming in the river outside everyday.


No - too many pockets for my liking. If I’ve got stuff to carry, I’ll bring a bag.