Wednesday "title can't have more than one emoji" thread ⏯

wed :man_dancing: nes :dancer: day

good morning, i clicked on an asbestos ad while creating this topic. i don’t want to buy asbestos

:wave::wave: cc



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Sunday in Hell screening good?

Yes. See my WhatsApp?

Ah yeah, sorry. I’m gonna watch it on Saturday night I think, ready for the big day

Morning. Back at work and, partly thanks to skipping Panda Bear last night because I still felt ill in favour of a good night’s sleep, feel semi-human. Need to find somewhere by Moth Club to watch our inevitable 3-1 defeat to a Sterling-inspired Man City before Eleanor Friedberger.

Asworstos more like!!!

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Working from home today as I need to get a filling later (wahey!) at the dentist (oh).

My bike was taken from its usual parking place last night because apparently those signs that had been put up around the place were not “adverts for chumps” as my brain had thought, but instead were signs saying that from 1st April the bike parking would be closed and all bikes would be removed. Now have to find a way to go collect it at lunch and pay 10 euros for the privilege of them probably having cut through my expensive chain to do so. Yay.

In better news though, got an email this morning for an opportunity to MC for John Robertson’s set in Eindhoven in a couple of weeks time. Saw him two years ago in Brisbane doing the amazing Dark Room show, which was a lot of fun. Already booked for an open mic that night though, first time with a particular promoter. Have levelled with him in that very British way saying that if he really wants I’ll do his open mic as I committed to that first, but no idea what I’ll say if he says “Great, glad you picked the open mic over the other paid MC spot!”.

This is me & JR in BrisVegas back in 2016:


just had to change the radio station because it was playing the worst song of 2017 (nancy mullugan by eddie shitefoot).

now it is playing the best song of 2017 (malibu)

Just received another vague meeting invite entitled ‘Discussion’ from my boss for tomorrow. As I finish on Friday I’m quite tempted to just not turn up.


WFH. Was gonna start at 8 but still in bed.

Really cba, pretty much a whole day of typing up notes.

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Toddler sick and off nursery. Cue day long running battle over laptop for work emails vs laptop for In The Night Garden.

First day back at the office after 5 days off, today can really do one m9s :disappointed:

Bunch of posters around the place saying “Maintenance work from 1 April to 1 June 2018. Do not place bicycles on the indicated floors. Bikes will be removed.”

However I don’t speak Dutch and assumed they were adverts.

My bike is now gone.

did you just think there was ample parking that day? or were loads of bikes left there?

You’ll have to narrow it down a bit


There were loads of bikes there. A few less than usual, but they do periodic clearouts of ones that have been left there a long time, so assumed it was that again.