Wednesday "title can't have more than one emoji" thread ⏯

Couldn’t you even work out “During this period cunt”?


oh i see, i just read “April 1st” and immediately assumed you had fallen foul some sort of prank played by the relevant authority

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Still might be

I thought that said Over the Garden Wall for a second there and was impressed by such a mature toddler.

Tennis today

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The sun’s out! Hooray! (although I left my sunglasses at home because I’m sure the forecast was that it would rain all day).

Pub quiz tonight, which I haven’t managed to get to in months.

Got a good feeling about today, but that might just be the side effects of the coffee. Hopefully get to listen to lots of Mogwai today :grinning:


Half an hour late to work but the boss isn’t in \o/

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Morning all.

Today is my Monday. But also my Wednesday, I guess. I don’t know - bank holidays confuse the hell out of me.

Basically - back in work, cba.

Great time with the family but I think I may have turned my liver into pâté. My family can drink.

Hope you’re all well.

black eyed peas draft needed a rewrite

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Ooooh ooooh

Nope, just phoned up, it’s legit. :disappointed:

Gotta pay €10 to collect the bike from a place on the outskirts of the city and confirmed that my €30 chain had been cut through.

Good motivation to learn the language though!

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My sons b’day today also mine!. So much lego. So much minecraft gubbins. Hes loving it!


Four hours of calls this morning :expressionless:

At least they kept it though and didn’t loft it into a canal or something.

Hb thewarn(s)!


Happy Birthday warny!


Thanks dudes! After a very stressful 10 minutes with my new coffee machine, im now calming myself with 18 espressos.


Morning all. Played ‘Skyrim’ for the first time last night, enjoyed it a bit, even if the TV did not enjoy play “Oooh, what’s over there?” headless chicken style of play. Finished ‘Game Of Thrones’ season four last night too before having a shit night’s sleep.

Work is going to be shit today, only two of us in. Had a surprise one-to-one meeting as well but that went okay. Looking forward to an evening of learning cover songs and watching the football. Haven’t slept in my own bed for over a week I think.

Seriously cba with any of this shit today, why the fuck did I come back?