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Morning ya’ll. Haven’t slept, so gonna have to have like 20 coffees.

Hayfever is fucking real today.

Last day of holiday (kind of but I’ve booked tomorrow off thank fuck). Got to cycle back to Belgium to get the train to Brussels where we’re booked on the 8pm Eurostar back to London. It’s going to be a fucking long day

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jesus man, you seem to have been on holiday forever. how long have you been biking?

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Today will be twelfth day straight. Averaged nearly 100km a day. I am tired but I have an exceptional tan.


my friend was bragging about training to do a 3 day 140km per day trip and I was like, lol, I know people on the internet that’d do that for breakfast.

obviously I didn’t say that but I was thinking it.

Good luck with the day’s cycle amigo!


I’m tired man

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Hah. It’s all relative really isn’t it. I found that I got used to the distance every day p quickly. Mentally was another matter tho.

Morning. Had about 5 hours sleep roughly? Really anxious about a lot of things work and personal related at the moment that’s putting me on edge.



Stupidly busy day today, not helped by having to go into and then come back out of London in the middle of it.

Morning all,

6 day weekend at an end. Barely slept (seems to have been a pandemic of that last night!), managed to get out the house at 6, though, and a nice clear drive got me into the office car park by 6.45.

Lovely little shout out on 6 Music first thing for the LP Café in Watford. That’s my little oasis of calm and tranquillity, an absolute gem of a place on the outskirts of one of the most depressing town centres in all Christendom.

Things seem to have been pretty smoothly run here in my absence, which is good. Last day of my secondment promotion today, so revert back to my ‘substansive’ role (albeit with my seconded role’s responsibilities whilst the interview process continues, interminably) tomorrow. Managed to put most of the anxieties around this situation to the back of my mind whilst I was off, hoping I can keep them at arm’s length for a little longer.


I’m feeling a bit hay fevery too. Woke up with a sore throat and am a bit sniffly like.

Today is day 8/8 at work before two days off. I have approximately 90 minutes worth of work to spread out all day. The boss wants a ‘catch up’ though, so that’s an hour or so with the phone pinned to my ear - joy of joys.


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Pls let me stay in bed pls pls pls

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Gnome Man’s Land! We missed that one.


Woman on bus having conversation but just shouting. Eurgh, so annoying SHUT THE FUCK UP

:pensive: :coffee: :coffee: :thinking: :coffee: :coffee: :grinning:


Morning drowned in sound.commers,

Glorious morn in the fine city of Glasgow. Considering my general lack of sleep I’m feeling rather fresh and in a particlauy good move, I’m not sure why, perhaps I’m delirious

Show us your good moves, Lo-Pan! REVEAL THEM TO US!!

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She just said she thinks she was a handful when she was a teenager because she never shut up. You haven’t shut up this whole journey SHUT UP