Wednesday. Wed. News. Day

Guten morgen alles.

Left the house at 6 this morning to beat the worst of the heat. Had to have my bedroom windows thrown open as wide as I could last night, sleeping at the top of a three storey house in these temperatures is no fun. At all.

Back to work after a day off yesterday, boss’ boss is back in and going to be asking questions about programme benefits that I don’t have a scooby about. Huh! Never mind, will wing it somehow.

Aiming to be out by about 3 this afternoon.

What about you guys? Whatever you do, I hope it is all good!

Got a bit of a see-through lycra top on today. It’s “SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT” for hot temperatures, so fuck it, I guess?

Breakfast > work > lunch > work > home > maybe :bike: depending on how :fire: it is?

Got taken to the cleaners at my brother’s birthday meal with the siblings yesterday evening. My three bros are all flat broke / in debt. So, having organised a siblings reunion meal, each brother came separately to me and my sister to ask us to pay for them. That’s fine, but say so up-front rather than last-minute after we’ve all organised a birthday meal and can’t really say no. Chumps.

Slept with the window open in a bout of compromise to the searing heat, so this morning I am hayfever.

Morning. Not that warm out yet so just enjoying it while it lasts. Eating a peanut butter bagel and gonna play a bit of zelda. Got work fear a bit, theyve confirmed me for another week -_-

working from home. won tickets to the launch of Manchester beer week so off to drink some exclusive free booze this evening :smiley:

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Last day at school as have interview tomorrow and trip on Friday. Exciting stuff

Wearing my super sundress and all.


Going back to London today because it’s my b-day tomorrow. Not staying long.

So warm. Didn’t have time for a shower this morning so atm I feel grimy even tho I showered last night. Late for work and CBA with it anyway since I’m gone in six days.



Have we got a ‘times you’ve publically called somebody out’ thread going on the new boards?

Guy next to me at the tobacco kiosk (I was buying stamps, alright?!) last night brought a basketful o’shite over to the till and the checkout lady politely told him it was 6 items or fewer but that she’d put his shopping through anyway. He started moaning and told her to ‘smile’ over and over again, so I leant over and told him it’s hard to smile when a customer’s being a patronising dick.

Think this heat’s really getting to everyone (me included).


Good one! He sounds like a fucking prick.

Imagine actually telling a woman to smile. Imagine.


yas kween you told him


Morning. Not a great night’s sleep tbh, feeling a bit worse for wear. Currently drinking something worryingly close to a litre of coffee at my desk.

Got up at 5:30am to go to the gym. I had a vegan protein shake after and my god that shit is grimage village.

I also had a peanut butter bagel.

I’m going to get a coffee now.

I’m bored already.

Seemed a bit cooler and more sleep-friendly last night.

Was really hazy and cool again when I left home, the sky has brightened up and it’s nice and sunny and warm again. Or it would be if I wasn’t stuck inside all day. Weather like this makes me miss working outdoors.

Feeling very much like I cba with work today

Happy solstice everyone!


Was weighing up whether to play the sexism card but just thought calling him a dick was enough.

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Great wordage.