Wednesday. Wed. News. Day

yes mate, it was cold

I will have a coffee.

Is obviously the correct answer. Still…

I’m only wearing socks and shoes at this point. Went for a massive walk and I’ve overheated.

Bet you got some funny looks.

Be careful.


I’m posting from a cell in the local Garda station.


Well this Jeremy Fucking Clarkson advert’s driving me insane, m9s.


Do you do humourous things with them like pretend they’re antennas or stick them in your ear orrrr play pick up sticks with them?

Was gonna take the rest of the week off booze but… the struggle…


I was too.

But then…

Less than 0 willpower.


I don’t know where else to type this but I have to say it to SOMEONE.

I just went in my little brother’s room* cos he has a washing basket in there that I put a cycling jersey in yesterday that I’ve decided to wear tonight cos it’s not that bad. As I grabbed it off the top, out came a pair of women’s knickers with it.

*(he doesn’t live here permanently, but it’s his room whenever he stays in between school)


Well I’m laughing lots, but umm…


(he’s 14)

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I mostly nibbled them in increasingly tiny bites. Tbh I finished them without realised, due to the distracting nature of this forum, and because some ‘design by committee’ was happening to my design :weary:

curse of the geezer mate, innit

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How old is brother?

my advice: you don’t wear anything under your bib shorts

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Don’t think they’ll fit tbh, it’s my track thighs

Any other females in your house?