Wednesday, Wednesday, got to slog through on Wednesday

So after all this

Everyone else has joined as “public” and I’m the only twat with a comedy name.

Hope everyone’s doing better than that!


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



Today I’m going to hang around at a Masonic lodge.


To get my second dose of Pfizer.


Morning all!

Turns out loads of the work I did on enrolment lists last week didn’t work properly so I’m having to go right back to the start.

I have a class this afternoon that should be quite easy and book club tonight to talk about a book I didn’t really like but didn’t hate.


Going for pints tonight

Of course it’s been raining non stop for the last couple of hours

started off my day by watching a performance of the rites of spring because i’m well cultured and that. now going to spend the next 9 hours editing footage of cars smashing into eachother to a dubstep soundtrack. :disappointed:

wanna go gym today but my god… the horror.

New Churchill Car Insurance marketing campaign targeting young drivers?


My former boss from an old bar job has been messaging me for the last 2 hours, clearly completely drunk, I didn’t realise at first so I was chatting then I ignored him and he messaged apologising for being drunk. Of course the second I replied he went back into flirt mode and it’s all going to be very awkward for him once he sobers up, lol.

Got a load of work to do and I just want to…not do it. Is that ok?

Back in work after having 2 days off after looking after everyone in the household being ill with what I am now 99% sure was food poisoning, all the while dealing with workmen trying to plaster/striper/electricianer/plumberer our bedroom. Glad for the rest at work I am fucking knackered. Woe is me.

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The Boards Here-by give notice that Yes, this is OK.


Is it worth going to walk-in centre/A&E for a suspected broken rib? This is not the NHS website is it?

You can’t do anything with ribs can you? Pain killers i suppose

Not a doctor


morning troops

not yet meditated yet, which is throwing me, though i did manage to do laundry, run the boiler, get laundry hung up, popped a load in the tumbledryer and washed a tonne of dishes, as well as managing a shower. there ya go.

today, i’ve got my team meeting the now, then reading loads of stuff about [redacted]. pretty fun and interesting, and that’s not sarcasm. new job is good.

Hi everyone

I’m very sleepy today. Bare minimum kind of day

Not with that attitude!

But yeah I suspect they’ll just say to rest etc won’t they (IANAD either though)

If you do the ‘ask my gp’ thing on your doctors website they often get back to you right away or same day and are really helpful. You don’t need to go to A&E, i think you only have to see the doc if the pain is still there a few weeks down the line, but worth speaking to them


Hi, I had exactly this issue last week. It wasn’t a broken rib (in fact it was nothing at all) but I’m glad I went to the hospital to get it checked out. They just recommended taking a different painkiller

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Good morning all. I hope Wednesday is treating you well. Last night’s sunset was very pretty here:

Was then woken up by torrential rain at 1am. Nearly halfway through the working day. Two more after that and it’s actual real going on HOLIDAY time :blush: