Wednesday, Wednesday, got to slog through on Wednesday

hello from the office

My office will be moving very close to your office (a few doors down from the Post Office curry place)

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Anxiety through the wazoo today. I’m very good at being worried by basically everything

Modest Mouse album title.


made a big To Do list at 1am of all the life stuff I’ve been ignoring

just looking at it makes me feel anxious lol

Sounds like you are moving to my office :dizzy_face:

I am not sure how many times I will come in before maternity leave - current guidance says not past 28 weeks (6 weeks to go!) but perhaps the guidance will change…

poor buttfucker :frowning:

We’re not actually moving until early next year, but I am going tomorrow afternoon to the new premises for a first site visit.

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Been for a pre-work swim, came back and had some porridge with strawberries & honey which was lovely. WFH for the rest of the day. Team call was mildly irritating, and i’ve got my German speaking exam this afternoon so really need to do more practicing.

Though am looking forward to garden book club tonight which i’d completely forgotten about till i was reminded this morning. First time we’ve met since last summer - in my friends garden, round the firepit so that’ll be nice :slight_smile:


For a minute there I though you were in a niche book club that only reads books about gardening

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Hahah I re-read back and it does read like that but no, no gardening books have ever been read in Book club :smiley:

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Morning all :wave:

It was lovely and sunny here about an hour ago when I started drafting this message. Now the cloud has returned. I am working from home as usual. highlight of the morning has been to pour a nice big mug of tea whilst still on-camera, with a lovely pink teacosy still in shot. Might pop to Tesco in a bit to save going this evening.


Today I have a bread baking exam. Feel like I’m always doing baking exams.

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The tea cosy!

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  • post office curry
  • burrito (chipotle)
  • something else within a 10 minute walk of moorgate station (pls specify)

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I’m here for the tea cozy :slight_smile:

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Neighbours cat pure staring me down this morn :grimacing::laughing:


The cat looks mighty angry :smiley:

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doesn’t it :laughing:
there’s normally three of them sitting there, all just staring at you. :slight_smile:

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