Wednesday, we've been expecting you


Hello all.
How are you this morning? This is the first day of my working week and our deadlines are all over the shop. On the brighter side, I’m off to see the magnificent Richard Dawson tonight - there might be a Christmas song, but knowing him, it’ll be old, gory and have a huge body count.
Plain bagel with jam for breakfast - 2.5/10. The sooner Sainsbury’s get their act together and have cinnamon and raisin back on the shelves, the better.


I think I’m ill.


Not good, you have my sympathies. What’s up?


I think it’s just a cold but I feel a bit gross.


First day of holidays today. Heading off to get the train up north in a bit to see parents. Need to book a skip, never done that before!



Things are really starting to ramp up at work. Getting to the point of Xmas mania. Huge deliveries and lots of grumpy customers. Today is my Monday.


Guten morgen

Energy levels at a monthly low. Just two and a half days to stagger through before swandiving into Xmas.

On the plus side my cold is clearing up.


Not so much farting today as I am deflating. Jesus Christ.

Going to hammer through some last bits of work then take tomorrow off, as I am fully done with this year.


Morning all :slight_smile:


I saw Dawso last night in Manchester. only complaint is that he didn’t play very long.

opened with the utterly wonderful ‘A Parent’s Address to His Firstborn Son on the Day of His Birth’, which is my fave Dawson song. <3

he’s just bloody brilliant, isn’t he. such a powerful voice, and a genius guitarist and all.

he’s also very funny. Tony Iommi in a hamster wheel, all I’m saying.

I think maybe ‘Beggar’ was the highlight?


Moderating some Countdown beeves at half 7 in the morning. I hate my life sometimes.


Day ahead: pop to town to pick up a Christmas present; write another email to Carpetright (or as my autocorrect says, Carpeting Y’all :D); out for pizza for lunch; Christmas party thing later.


Last day in that london for 2017.


I had a very vivid and lengthy dream for the fourth night in a row since coming off Sertraline cold turkey.

first two nights, I had crying dreams. like, I was crying for real whilst the dreams were going on.

past three nights, the dreams have gotten progressively darker though. like, the second one was a friend dying, yesterday was some kind of evil Twin Peaks: The Return thing, and just now, some nasty old dude in a suit blew himself up (repeatedly) at my old school.

woke up as some mutant wasps escaped and started trying to sting me. eating an M&Ms cookie with some milk as a snack, because I haven’t had much sleep, so this is too early for breakfast.

got to feed the cats at my sister’s in a bit. and a friend’s playing a gig in the evening? not sure what’s going on between those two things. hmm.


Dawson might be my favourite discovery of the past few years. I saw him play a seven-song set on his own at Rough Trade East earlier this year (Laura Barton gave it five stars in the Guardian, and I’m pretty certain that I spotted Nadine Shah in the audience).


mr pn accidentally spilled some water onto a plug socket this morning. shortly after there was a small bang and the breaker went. the plug in question now smells a bit. i turned the electricity back on briefly but we’ve turned it off again now. please let the flat not burn down whole we’re at work.

someone’s leaving do at work later.


R is out with his dad today, so I need to pack in all the things that would be difficult to do with him around, including: shopping, finishing off an extra couple of Christmas presents I am making, housework and baking a mountain of cookies for book club people in advance of tomorrow.

Ideally I will fit in a nap too, chances seem slim for that though.


Can you ask them to consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant off until a more reasonable time of day?


Feeling so ill and on my way to work, pls let them send me home early again :pray:t5: tomorrow is the shortest day so it’ll be getting brighter again! Can’t wait


yeah, he’s mint. can’t remember exactly when I got into him; maybe three/four years ago reading about him in The Wire?

he also played this, by request:

my friend who had a more front-on view of the stage (I was up front at the side) said RD plays guitar with just his thumb and forefinger, apparently? which I never noticed before. interesting, though. and he tunes to an E Major chord, but down a step, too, or so I read somewhere.

I love his generosity of spirit. :slight_smile: just a top human being.