Wednesday Wevening Wthread


There are people in my house so obviously my plan was to come home, grab the Switch and hide under my weighted blanket all evening. Get home and they’re all playing Mario Kart ffs.



Crucial edit there


Picked up the last of Xmas presents from post office and wrapped it. Got soaked by the crappy weather.
Heading out in a bit to see Mark Lanegan. No support and finishes before 10pm - result!

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Having a couple of wee beers to take the edge off. Getting peckish, might cook up a feast later. :thinking:
Although maybe I could just phone for a pizza. :thinking:


How were Primal Scream?

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Had a bit of a productive day around the house. Did a big shop. Made beef medallions and chips smothered in this

Now watching some trash tv with a beer :slightly_smiling_face:

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Liverpool aren’t playing that bad like :grinning:

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Alright. Did an impressively small amount of work today, but did some Christmas shopping and saw dingers so that’s fine. Off to go see Self Esteem again


been gym, posted on dis, gonna eat a steak later. clathico now.

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In agony. Signed off work til the 6th of Jan. Did too much today. Ah well fuck it.

Did all my xmas shopping in one go mostly trying not to completely break down in the shops wasn’t fun, then walked home in the drizzle for some kinda catharsis I guess.
Also had 2 pints and a bowl of quite nice soup w/fries.Got a big bottle of port for next week too, but decreased the chance of me necking it now with some tinnies.

Is that gravy in a scone?

Evening DiS,

I’m on childcare duty tonight, so no great plans, other than praying Jimbo gets to sleep before 8.45pm like last night and more like his usual time of 7.30.

My mate bought some veg on the way home from work but didn’t have time to drop them home before the gig. the nice thing to do would be to go pick them up for him but I’m in my pyjamas now and I’m cosy

Knackered pals.

Might need to mainline some coffee to get me through the next few hours.

Excellent. I’m not a huge fan but I think Gillespie is a great front man, he knows how to put on a show.
And well the barras, anytime I’m in there I kinda feel honoured to be in there :grinning:

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Evening champs. Chrimbus work meal was largely fine, drank a lot of free Merlot but waving goodbye to the enamel on my teeth
:wave: :tooth:

Evening lads.

It was my work Xmas do last night.

I’m still sweating with beer fear.

Evening feens. Watching ‘The Wire’ and having a think.

:tea: & :cookie: :yum:

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