Wednesday whatever evening thread

Evening thread. Talk about your evenings.

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Watching Scotland smashing Holland. I’m tired.


Hi froglet!

We had Mac cheese for dinner which was good

Then smores…

Now football and some wine.

Kids were well happy with their fire.


good evening froggers!

I’m trying to fix my lawnmower with superglue :nerd_face:


Evening all!

I had a busy day of making futures come true and managed to read about forty pages of ‘Beloved’.

I’m waiting for football to start but I’m not totally sure I can be arsed running around.

Err good luck!

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Good evening! Took the afternoon and walked along the beach with an old pal. Thankfully managed to avoid sunburn also!

I have no idea what to do now, though I should probably not drink the beers I got from the big Tesco. May try and tool about on Ableton but sitting in front of a screen for a few hours isn’t sounding so attractive rn. Alas

the screw bit that holds the handle in has come loose and the plastic is all worn inside so I’ve got to squidgy some glue in there to keep the arm on


Having a beer, watching England.

Evening all :wave:

Not an awful lot planned for tonight. Made Quorn enchiladas earlier, which turned out pretty yum. My neighbour popped round earlier to tell me that taking a sash window out to repaint is actually an easy job. We’ll see. I’ll be well pleased with myself if I can get it to work though.

Currently listening to Double Negative and enjoying the cooler air drifting into the living room.


I had a headache all day yesterday and when I got up this morning it felt a lot better. Then I had to spend all day staring at maps and spreadsheets and made it worse again. I’ve just had a nap and my head feels quite a bit better but i feel like a zombie. I had a dream about petting a massive fluffy white cat though so that was good.

Just had salt and pepper tofu from Ruyi and my body went into “omg use all this protein at once” mode so did a rave workout (the 2nd one today lol).

I don’t think anyone has ever sweated this much in all of humanity.

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Bet you’re feeling pretty, pretty silly for not following my handstand advice now.


Got excited about a lie in as today is my Friday, but Misty has a groomer appointment at 9am tomorrow :woozy_face:

Gonna watch sewing bee in a bit and maybe play vidya after

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I got a bit pissed off at Mr Froglet earlier because I went for a lie down at lunchtime and when I came back he told me to take painkillers and drink some water if my head was still bothering me, and I was like thank you for the insultingly obvious and unsolicited advice (not in those words) and he got annoyed that I was rejecting his sympathy. Mansplaining headache remedies is not sympathy!

So at least your advice was original?


Trying to write a kind of press release kind of artist bio kind of ??? that I don’t really have any guidelines for and have never done before. Great fun


Curry for dinner, which got spilled on my white canvas trainers, so they’re now in the wash. At least they’ll dry quickly in this weather.

After a week of far too early mornings, it’ll be an early night tonight I reckon

“They’re not as good as The Donnas but they’re gone now and we all need to move on, so you might as well listen to this shit.”



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I’m here. Watched a film and drinking.

Currently I’ve Evan Dando’s Baby I’m Bored on the earphones. Perfect for an evening like this.