Wednesday whatever morning

Good hello.

I’ve been awake for over an hour. Leg cramps woke me up. Rubbish. Gonna nip out on the bike imminently. Got an HR meeting about maternity leave this morning followed by a midwife appointment. It’s all going off here :pregnant_woman::pregnant_woman::pregnant_woman:

Tell me things, DiS.

Morning. Just got home from night shift. Very tired but hospital work feels much more normal and a lot safer now, which is really nice.

Off to bed.



Swimming lesson again this morning then back for work, absolutely baffling how school holidays are so much longer than annual leave allowance especially for single parents, so a rubbish week of trying to work whilst a 5 year old cries about being bored/lonely all day :pensive:


Morning :sunflower:

Finishing the decorating, skirting boards and edges urgh.

Maybe a walk in the woods

Seeing my friend later for park play :sunglasses:

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


first vaccine day today. was supposed to be last thursday but moved it due to fuck off work load.
lovely day again, got the shorts on.


Good morning!

Just going to pop to Aldi do get bits and bobs for a Bee Bee Cue later.

I’m then going to mow the lawn and sit in the sun I reckon.


I used to get shuffled off to a Local Youth Club some weeks, guess they dont really exist anymore or now cost £££.


This is an artfully taken selfie.


Lovely steering wheel collection


It’s driving me nuts!

Morning all!

I’m invigilating what I hope is my last exam of the season today. I have, at most, two students due to attend.

I plan to catch up on some marking, do some admin and possibly finish ‘Beloved’ again.

They have summer club for 2 weeks in summer. £300 and first come first serve with only 45 places for the whole school. Hoping my mum can loan me the cash for it but that’s still 4 weeks in summer left. Nightmare.

Do the council run things? We have a lot of sports type camps around here which are £10 a day…

Might be different where you are I guess.

morning troops!

'+ my hair is causing all sorts of comments at school drop off. now, i just need to pop round to my mum and dad’s and give them a fright

'+ youngest visits the school this afternoon to meet her teacher which she is very excited for

'+ weather’s incredible again, so going to spend the evening on the deck again

'- need to do a dump run and cannot be arsed

where ye aftae Lo? I’ve got the Louisa Jordan the morra

Absolutely no idea, finding stuff out seems like joining a secret society


Just had breakfast outside in the sunshine, now safely back staring at the Bad Screen for 8 hours, lovely.

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