Wednesday whatever morning

I’ve just remembered that Kate Winslett married (?) a man who called himself Ned Rocknroll

Showing your age there :wink:

Aye the two nurses had a conversation about my age in front of the queue.
Was pretty funny actually as folk in the queue were chipping in their two cents. :laughing::relaxed:


Old fella came to the door of the house we’re staying in and said that they live next door and his wife had lost her phone and he had done the iPhone tracker and the tracker had said the phone was “right here in THIS house”.
Uh, dude I don’t think it’s accurate to within about 1 metre, it’s clearly in your house somewhere. He said he would have a look on our driveway :crazy_face:


Every now and then something I’ve been thinking a lot pops out of my mouth, like “I’m really worried about this meeting” or “I can’t wait to do x”. Really weird, it’s like my brain gets tired and mixes up the inside voice and the outside voice.

If any people who dont usually venture to sport thread want to play

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Me too.

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day off. going to nando’s

Can you put me down for whatever sequence of events results in England going out to Germany on penalties in the quarter finals, and Scotland winning every match 9-0. Ta.

I was oddly accurate at the college football predictions despite knowing fuck all about that, if any of the king tippers want to use me as their Paul the Octopus.

I cant no, sorry

Was hoping it would be at a crap venue so i could say Nah wont bother.

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They were doing Moderna on Monday. Loving it.

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is it still going to be called Euro 2020? are they planning the next one for 2024 or gonna just go 4 years from this one?

(yes these are questions you should have the answers to and no i can’t google them)

The only time I’ve had them was when I was pregnant. From about five months until my son was born! They were so, so painful and would often wake me in the night. My son is 20 now so the midwives might have better advice now than ‘eat bananas’ :laughing:

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She said it’s normal and to try drinks with electrolytes in them to see if they subside.

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Yes and next one 2024 afaik

Assuming as they had already printed loads of euro2020 stuff

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Yes Please!


That’s a strawberry

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Builders were meant to start the big garden renovation yesterday. Phoned yesterday to say a job had overrun and they would be here today. Phoned this morning to say they had something to finish off but would be here at lunchtime. It is now after 2. Will they:

  • Not turn up
  • Turn up for half an hour and then go home
  • Turn up about 4 and work till 7ish

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