Wednesday whatever morning

Was a bit too hot to drink my coffee out this morning

Builders already phoned to say they’ll not be here till ‘nearer lunchtime’. Sigh.

Got some work that definitely needs doing then got a longer term project that I might spend some time on but I’ve lost enthusiasm for it a bit.

Morning all. It’s another

Sadly I’m back working from home today, but I don’t have any meetings, and I’m in my shorts, and it’s a nice temperature sat here by the window.

Was feeling a bit meh last night but I think I just needed to go to sleep.


So very very glad I don’t have to wear a suit today.

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Did the usual ‘a basket will be big enough’ and then ended up with stuff precariously balanced on top of the basket by the time I got to the till.


Morning all

@plasticniki argh, I remember the pregnancy leg cramps, they’re horrible! Apparently eating bananas can help (because of potassium or something, no idea if it’s true).

I have a non eventful day of work ahead. No other plans.

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I always do this. That it having to hold basket like a baby as it’s so heavy I can’t carry it with one or both arms.

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Back to the grindstone today after an extended bank holiday weekend, but that’s OK because the weekend was packed with things and now everything’s stepped down a gear. I appear to have caught a cold that Jimbo brought home from school, which is nice. No big plans for the day, except to make sure I see a bit of sun today. Lunch in the garden, I think.

So tired I could cry

And the work system is down


I’ve just eaten a banana, hope that’s true :crossed_fingers:

I think I’ve had cramp before once in my life, and then I had one on Monday night and one last night. Awful :expressionless:

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really need a wee but i’ll have to give a urine sample at my appointment but that isn’t for another 30 minutes :weary:

Quite excited for some test cricket

No, i am not just using this as an excuse to not do work.

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I just bought RTJ tickets.


Do a handstand, it’ll hold it in through gravity. I assume.

How often do you talk to yourself

  • Never
  • Occasionally but just the odd word or “FFS”
  • Occasionally and its full blown conversations like the guy in the bath in The Commitments
  • Often but just the odd word or “FFS”
  • Often and its full blown conversations like the guy in the bath in The Commitments
  • Daily but just the odd word or “FFS”
  • Daily and its full blown conversations like the guy in the bath in The Commitments

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It doesn’t count if you’re talking at the cat, right?


Out loud or internal voice ?

Out loud

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Going to cautiously say it doesn’t.

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Just been jabbed wi Astra at the Carmichael hall :facepunch: