Wednesday whatever morning

Nice of Lemar to sign it for you


Wife has just came home and apparently they are sitting in their van just down the street :upside_down_face:

Sorry for not putting that in the poll, folks.


Just WFH with TMS in the background. I did have Iron and Wine on, but I was listening to his live album and fuck, I wish he’d stick to his own melody. The Trapeze Singer works so well with that gentle repetitive melody, but old Sam Beam wants to improvise on every line. Sing your own song, Iron and Wine!

big ass tomato


You gonna eat that big ass tomato?

Someone competent do it with the Al Pacino in Heat GIF


Think that turnip is leaning on the scales

it’s now a rather distressingly brown sauce
@Unlucky you shut up

Slabs are being lifted as we speak. Hoping no errant skeleton arms derail the slow and steady progress. Stay tuned.


My virgin broadband has gone down again. 4th time in a week.

Anyone with any experience of BT broadband?

I think there’s been some shenanigans in the last couple of days because the handover to O2 - they sent us a letter telling us ours was going down yesterday. Good job I wasn’t meant to be working, eh?

Although. that said I don’t think it went down at all while we were in

Apparently they are doing upgrade work in the area. But it’s been poor for the last month, was great before that.

I’m currently working tethered to my mobile.

managed to achieve things at work and hopefully means meeting tomorrow will be successful

still not sent out the papers (as I still haven’t received them) but hey ho - can’t have everything

Think the builder is gone again. If I’m generous he was here 2 hours.

Three hours since the last post in the daily thread. No evening thread. What’s going on today?!?!

Someone start an evening thread here like


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I’ve switched to BT hybrid Internet which has a backup failover to mobile data if the broadband goes down

I got cut off four times by virgin when they tried transferring me to cancellations. Had a chuckle when they tried recommending me upgrading to the 200mb broadband as 200mb isn’t fast enough to vpn or RDP. :grinning:

Good job I work in telecommunications myself. Not that anyone would fall for that.