Wednesday Whenit'seveningtime

Alright? Had a long ol’ day at work so had this for tea

Got a couple of chores to do then it’s Hell’s Kitchen and m&ms all the way to bedtime. What’s up?


I’d eat that.


I just did!

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Didn’t get the job. Was down to the last two. :sob:

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Their loss :heart:


Aw man.

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Ordered a Chinese for the first time in ages. Haven’t really been able to find a decent one locally. Hopefully this is the one.

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10,000. Wtf


Just had a very nice and very close encounter with a bat.

Fancy watching some Kurt Russell and getting wrapped up and cosy :relaxed:


This is outrageous flirting with @Lo-Pan and we all see it.



Enjoying a pint while I wait for my food to arrive

Had a lovely afternoon in Lichfield. Really lovely bunch of people, and met a couple of former rough sleepers who are doing brilliantly. Proper heartwarming stuff.

Got a morning in nearby Newcastle under Lyme tomorrow, so am stopping overnight. Already looking forward to my breakfast waffle tomorrow.


Evening all!

Had some cauli wraps with harrisa and tahini for tea. It was fine.

I’ve had a bath and am responsible for bathing The Child before her mother puts her to bed.

I’m going to try to watch a film (Atilla Battle Angel) if we can and also work out what vaccines we need for South Africa.

Get oatcakes in Stoke/Newcastle instead/as well

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Morning. A full day conducting interviews today. Some promising candidates. Left at 5 as I’d had no lunch break. Managed to get back in time to pick up my daughter from tea club. Turns out my daughter likes Earth, specifically this…

Just had some lasagna for scran and then watching TV with some guinnesses.


I might ask at the hotel if they do them


If you end up in Lichfield again I’d recommend Bistro 1709 for food and a drink at Beerbohm. Or you could go to the Samuel Johnson museum…

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It looks like a lovely place to be fair! I was hoping for a nice relaxed lunch but I spent ages parking and then 15 minutes helping someone use the parking app.

Cathedral looks nice though


Good cathedral

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Yeah is a nice one, I’ve not been for a while but you used to be able to go up it and they did have some of the Staffordshire hoard there for a bit.

There’s a plaque near it due to a long distance shot during the civil war that killed a general, found it Visiting Lichfield: Cathedral’s Civil War scars – Past In The Present 180 yard musket shot

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Found some chicken thighs in the freezer, so to celebrate I spent the afternoon working hard making a batch of base curry sauce, before making a garlic chilli curry, with some spiced veg on the side. Not much else to report.