Wednesday Whenit'seveningtime

Get yourself some Staffordshire oatcakes man ffs!


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Is there a Christmas things for sale type board?? Kids are trying to sell occulus rift VR headphones…I thought we had something somewhere? Happy to do a dis deal on them :rofl:

Found it :star_struck:

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now that’s a night in :slight_smile:


I’ll keep you all informed as to whether the hotel will cook some for me. When I was here last, someone was asking for French toast so I will give it a try

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Ive done this nice bit of art in my apartment at centerparcs


Have you perused the DiS guide to NCL?

Is pretty good. I’ve lived here 20 years now but don’t go out, so have v little to add. However if you want birdwatching recommendations just shout!


Ah that is understandable, hope you’re okay! Xxx

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Thank you x

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posting in here because I don’t want to give his thread any more oxygen but I wish that ex AQOS host guy would fuck off already.

As a non quizzer, who is it?

went by the name of Overtaken By Tractors. Was a good egg for a while but then turned troll. Weird to see him resurface

Oh, that dickhead

Still cba with it tbh


Joint tenth at pub quiz, awful

Nice beers and chats and empanadas and chips on the way home though

it’s cold

Yeah obviously we’ve only got their word to go on, but they have specifically said they aren’t OTB if that helps!

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Can their IP be checked against the persons they claim to be to verify it?

Just watched The Nightingale which was very very bleak, big fan of All4 deciding to start a countdown to autoplay some Grand Designs

Neither username has any IP matches, including with each other. The one they told me hasn’t been logged into for a couple of months, so while it could be someone using a VPN who might have a string of other accounts, equally it could just be that they’ve moved house since they last logged in, or they’ve only used one account at home and one at work or something like that. The username they gave doesn’t have a huge post count but does look like it was being used for several years with no obvious issues that I could spot at a quick glance

Woken up after about two and a half hours.

Was going to go into work today but now having second thoughts.