Wednesday woes

Hii and good morning, dear DiS friends

Breakfast buffet closes at 10.30, I’m still in bed but very hungry.

Might put one of my new swimming costumes on after and go lie by the pool with my :books:

I cried 5 times yesterday. Holidays are fun!

What are you upto? I hope everyone has a good day :blush:


The most important thing is that :star2: it is finally payday :star2:

I get paid on the last working day of the month so it’s been almost five weeks :face_in_clouds:

I was watching some Daria and Amazon played me an ad for a Christmas movie, as you do in June, when it is as far away from Christmas as it can be.


Meant to be a nice early start so we could head up to the lakes. Should be on the road now, just woke up.



All-day meeting on Teams today.

I wish I were by a pool with a book.

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Am waiting for my brother to get up so we can hop for a run. He best materialise soon or my motivation will continue to ebb away…

Might try to see some Dartford Warblers today. Might not, might play crazy golf instead.

Seem to have booked a full week’s strong wind instead of a holiday. So cold, and it’s nearly June!

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At this time of year I tend to watch a lot of Eurosport with the cycling tours and the French open tennis. This year my fun is being completely ruined, not just by an execrable dhl advert that is going to ensure Coldplays yellow is playing in my head on constant repeat, but also by a surprisingly infuriating Renault advert doing a funny take on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Quite shocked by how wrong it feels whenever it comes on.


Trying to psyche myself up to get out of bed and have a cold shower

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Hey up sugars

Got to book some house views, take dog for big walk with friend, drive V about and get his friends sorted as they are coming for a sleepover

Some gentle revision nudging for R :laughing:

Disappointing level of cloud and wind here though. Not going back to jumpers though!

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Very very tired. Dropping the eldest at her grandparents then home to pack for a few night’s camping. Might go for a late evening walk later.

Just told my little sister I’m enjoying my Hazzy B

  • You certainly are hip to the groove and down with the kids
  • :no_entry_sign: No, Gnome

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I was up with the birds this morning. No, literally. We heard a kerfuffle downstairs at around 5.30, and it turns out the cats were chasing a sparrow around our living room. Thankfully it wasn’t hurt too badly, and we kicked the cats out, opened the window and it flew away, hopefully to lead a long and happy life. There’s nothing like a bit of drama to start your day.

Anyway, I’m in the office since it’s a Wednesday. I’m overhearing some colleagues talking about bands they’re going to see. Could there be some like minded people at work?!?!

No. Of course not. The first is getting excited about the Kaiser Chiefs playing. The other said that his next gig was Bastille in Margate, then the first said about how their best friend had flown (because of the train strikes) to Manchester to see Coldplay and how jealous they were.



On strike today :placard: :placard:

After a couple of weeks of nice weather, it is of course cold and rainy this morning while we stand on the picket line.

Going somewhere with wifey for a meal this afternoon/evening


Are you 100% sure you’re not still asleep?

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Feel like I’m coming down with (/have already got) a cold. Yay!

Stretch class at lunchtime, though I might cancel that if I feel really grotty.

Nothing else to report. Need a cup of tea, please, someone?

Morning everyone

I’m in the security queue at Berlin Brandenburg. Learning first hand why this airport is a national disgrace, it’s really bad. Nothing works, and the layout creates huge open unused spaces, then tiny enclosed very crowded bottlenecks.

Will be back in the UK soon, where everything famously works very well.

Have a schöne day everybody!


Pure shite sleep tbh, hopefully nap this afternoon if I can successfully avoid this meeting I don’t need to be at

Fun evening of gigs and art later so need my strength for that!

Croissant now mmm


Out of bed! Cold shower DONE!


Set that as your backdrop.

Painful stye in my left eye. Generally run down.

Had my stitches removed yesterday :raised_hands: