🌫 Wednesday 🌫


Good morning how’s it going? Has anyone got any good fog photos btw I’ve been enjoying how nice it looks at sunrise :smile:

Yesterday’s fog!


was thinking the same but don’t have a good camera
had a dream last night that i was on a masterchef type show, cooked falafel and mashed potato but the falafel turned out all mushy, my boss was also competing and he made a beautiful origami lettuce swan


Bleuch. Morning.

On way to work for an 8.30 meeting which we have once a quarter. Compounded by curtain rail snapping last night leaving bright streetlights shining through the bedroom window :frowning: am knackerreddd


I’m WFH today as men at work yesterday kept having a nice joke about how moody and depressed I am. Jokes on them cause I am actually a bit depressed…:thinking:

I’m just having an easy morning


Yesterday I saw a load of mummified monks, tomorrow it will be monk skeletons. No plans for dead bodies today. :skull:


Good morning jazzballet :slight_smile: That’s a cool photo to wake up to!

So I basically ate a block of cheese and watched a weird and slightly disturbing documentary about sex robots last night before bed. :robot::heart::scream: Thankfully no weirdly sexy dreams followed as a result… as far as I can remember anyway.

@_Em well jel.


Czech Republic - land of morbid tourist attractions


That photo is lovely.

This was from the other day looking across the paddock at work

it’s annoying i didnt get one just now as i was going through rochester on the train and the castle and cathedral look eerily dickensian floating above the cobbles.


Blurry fog from yesterday.


Have you been to Sedlec Ossuary? The bf went to Prague Death Mass a year or so ago and didn’t go to see it whilst he was there because he was concerned it would just be rammed with other metallers clawing at the moon for photos. Which is a shame!


nothing much happening today, wfh, then got a meeting in marylebone later. not had much fog here lately, took this a couple weeks ago


That’s the plan for tomorrow to go there.


Amazing. Take a cheeky moon claw photo for me… gowon. Just a wee one, it can be as subtle as you like.


Morning all,
Went to the dentist about my wisdom tooth, she said it wasnt infected and that I was just teething essentially which is no fun. Fucking teeth
Might get a haircut today but I’m not feeling like I cbf rn tbh shm
What are breakfast plans?

I also dreamed about posting on here lol


Monday’s fog:

Not even left for work yet.

It’s The Hotelier tonight yessssssss


Watch yourself! That looks just like the building in Poltergeist 3.


Hello Jazzy, all.


Morning everyone.

Currently on a train to that London. Tired, as everyone is I guess - possible difficult meetings today.

Been having headaches and aching in my jaw for the last few weeks, I think from stress and clenching my jaw.

Physio has said I can go back to 5 a side, carefully which is nice but now not looking forward to how (even more) phenomenally shit I’m going to be :confused:


That’s why he’s your boss


Is this not how you bring down the Curse and re-animate all the monks?

(Who will judge me harshly as a godless heathen)