Hello everyone how are you?

On the train 10 minutes late to work atm, why haven’t they fired me yet


On the train having my first Starbucks coffee in about 5 years cause someone on here said it’s good now. It’s not, it’s shit


hello j-b
i ache from hiking yesterday and will be having a v lazy day today and probably a bath. got a sainos delivery coming in a bit anyway.
drinking coffee and eating a sausage sandwich bd


it’s literally the same


On the bus to work. Will be 15 mins late but ive done 5 1/2 overtime and worked sunday this month already so bov.



WFHing today. Got a wash on. Listening to new Cloud Nothings.


just seen the headline ‘drug farm found at legoland’ and it’s brightened my morning considerably


I’m in a bit early today, and my boss isn’t even around to notice. Might send a spurious email to show off that I’m the most committed and diligent employee ever.

(The traffic was lighter than usual)

Nothing much to report. Speaking to some bigwig about a job I don’t want later, but I’d like to keep them onside for the future, so I need to think about my stratezzzzzzzzzzzz

Sorry. Nothing to report.


I’ll tell you what I’ve really developed a taste for, coffee-wise: McDonald’s’ black coffee. I’m pretty sure I prefer it to the leading high street brands, although I’m not sure if that’s due to it usually coming with a double burger and fries.


I’m also going to be late, slept through my alarm. Oof. Today’s gonna be tough.


Morning all

I wasn’t really late, but i did have to add a couple of minutes onto my walk when, after having gone a minute down the road, in considering my socks, I realised that I’d left my shirts at home, which simply would not do.

can someone remind me I’m out of porridge, please?


WFH today until 3ish. FLORIDA tomorrow!

Re: arrivals at airports: I’ve always thought that 2 hours is a good rule of thumb for international flights but Heathrow is saying to allow 3… We’re staying at a hotel tonight near the airport and so we just need to get a shuttle bus in the morning which arrives at terminal 3 at 7.45. Flight leaves at 9.45. That’s plenty of time, right?


It’s probably the most drinkable high street coffee I reckon.




Excited that sainsbos has reopened so I can have an unhealthy breakfast again. Seeing tasseomancy tonight, no idea who Andy shauf is and why he made it so different to get a ticket




Are you going to Disneyworld?


No, we’re ducking out of that! It’s about £350 for a family per day; it would be a nightmare for my eldest what with the queueing and everything; plus there are loads of things to do locally to my aunt and uncle (who we’re staying with).

We are going to Kennedy Space Center though :slight_smile: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


£350 a day? 'kinnell! How do people afford that?!

Kennedy Space Center will be great. Also, weigh yourself before you go and after you come back for proof of the unstoppable power of american food. Enjoy!


I’m off sick again. Have offered to dial into a meeting at 10:30. So ruddy bloody brave etc.

Am using the time wisely to watch horrific and grisly films that I wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to. Bone Tomahawk yesterday was hilarious. Any other recent nasties anyone could recommend?