Just seen a nest of baby pigeons hiding up in the pasenger bridge at a train station. All squeaking and squarking aww. :hatched_chick: Been up since 4am tossing and turning about #LIFE

Of course, i managed to get back to sleep at precisely 10 minutes before my alarm went off lol :information_desk_person:

Morning. Got up at 6 to go to the gym but went back to bed for 10 minutes and woke up again at 8. Doh.


Been awake since 5am so caught up with The Walking Dead and Girls. Need some coffee. Going to see Meilyr Jones tonight.



Today is my Friday.

That is all.

Enjoy. Best live act around for me

Still in bed. Cba to move. Send coffee.

Waiting for a BT engineer to install our Infinity, finally!

Gonna make some coffee and read my book meanwhile.

Hair cut later.

Struggling to get out of bed today. Wednesday mornings should be time off for everyone. Not helped myself here because Ive had a bad night’s sleep, spent the start of it realising that a close friend has a really damaging addiction to pot.

Also today I’m telling my team that I’m leaving for another job, always an awkward experience.

Morning fappable and all

Left the house at 8 today to do errands I’ve been putting off for weeks. Currently stood in a queue at the doctor’s waiting to book in for a full medical exam. Not sure why I need to do a urine sample for a two-week desk job but there we go

Cheers! Quite excited. Will report back!


Morning all. I’ve got this stuck in my head as an earworm:

I was imagining a Grandaddy cover version of it, using their lovely auto-arpeggio keyboard sound.

Morning Fapps! Last full uni day today, fun stuff.

Made an excellent cannelloni last night.


Morning all and a very happy International Women’s Day to all and sundry.

In honour of IWD I’m making my wife chilli meatballs with a tomato ragu and some fresh pappardelle for when she gets in from zumba.

What are you doing for the International Women in your life?

Morning. Got today off. Need to get my hair cut. Might take myself out for breakfast.

I overloaded my washing machine via too much detergent yesterday morning. Water all over the kitchen floor and no way to start it again without an EF0 error.

Luckily online told me it was a ‘design feature’ whereby it had an internal tray that would have water in but you couldn’t get to, thus the only way around it was to:

  • wait it out drying
  • open up the back and get in there and dry it out.

I did the latter:

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Vat of rice?


I’m afraid @ericthefourth beat you to that one via the medium of photo comments yesterday. But vat of kitchen towel is the correct answer, in fact.

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In Berlin to meet brewdog for potential work today and it’s sunny :astonished: