If I’m being completely honest, I would’ve made this anyway regardless of IWD but yeah get that boy guilted!

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GL S799

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why is it always so hard to get up on Wednesdays

We’ve got some friends coming over later. Some of them are female; one is Canadian, one is Kenyan and the others are British. We’ll provide them with drinks and nice things to eat. H IWD J_I!

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That is a real gaggle(?) of international ladies there ccb! Sounds like a lovely evening mind, what’s on the menu?

Managed to get out of bed and make coffee. Now im watching the first ep of the walking dead. Not sure why.

I’ll save you the embarrassing realisation that took me about four episodes: Teachers. That’s where you know yer man from.

I live in the tiniest flat in all of East London and shit goes missing all the time, proper horror show. I’m a bit worried for you though, you’ve seen enough horror films to know that a big knife going missing can only lead to trouble :fearful:

^ this coupled with your love of antique weaponry makes me glad I’m nowhere near Edinburgh right now.

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why would you do this instead of sleeping

Forgot to mention the other day, I saw that Frauen are playing in Newcastle in April. Gutted I can’t come mate, off to the Brudenell that night. Hope the Head of Steam treats you well!

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morning everybody :slight_smile:

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Having a coffee this morning in Watford’s LP Café right now. I’m the only patron.

Then, I have a Therapy? session.

Then, work.

Then, football meeting.

Then, make a junk guitar for my daughter after I stood on the one she made.

It was filthy outside this morning. I saw a man laying on the floor outside Watford Junction station, it looked as though he’d fallen over. Thankfully, passers-by were helping him up.

Got up early, went to the train station, all the trains were fucked, came back home and had an hour’s kip before rolling up to my desk

Still tired.

A female relative in Aus posted this story

and one of her female friends reacted with the ‘angry’ smiley, FFS.

Anyway, this is a great idea.

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Some awful local radio duo were talking shit about Emma Watson when I was in the waiting room at the doctor. The woman was all “I can’t really get on board with this feminism thing, is going topless empowering for women or is it treating women as objects, you know, which one is it???”

Happy International Women’s Day then I guess


Morning everyone, happy IWD day

Mild hangover this morning due to 3 pints in the pub post bike ride. Riding then drinking always makes the hangover worse, due to extra dehydration I guess.

Got fairly wet walking into work due to Brighton being covered in a big cloud at the moment.

I saw him supporting SFA around Christmas and he was great.

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Hab’ Glück.

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