Think i might go to a practice room and bash out some new songs.

Never heard it called blahdy blah.


Currently on hold to the Trainline in order to get a refund for my cancelled journey. Reasonably certain that the cost of the call will roughly equal the refunded amount. :thumbsup: thanks guys

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Morning. Just back from the bank. Got some admin to do here.

Going to an abortion rights protest at twelve. Hoping for a big turnout.


We’re playing Leeds the night after if that helps?

Thanks for the well wishing, all

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Binmen didnt come today?

Haha, I did try! What would you have suggested that I watched or did instead? :smile:

Think I’ve got food poisoning. Feel pretty normal bur just keep barfing, well rubbish

good mor

An awful week. An awful awful week. Need to start this essay.

Just went downstairs to find the dog relaxing on the settee.


Hey all. Thought I’d better let you know that last night I had a dream in which Richard Ashcroft formed a supergroup with Young Thug. It was really good.


I get up when I want, except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awoken by the caveman

wish i was a rock star lol

cos its like mid week purgatory

+got an interview for a masters
-the course won’t run if SF/DUP fail to form a government (which they probably won’t)

good times

Client of ours sent through a PowerPoint they put together to present the big project we did for them over the last year to their HQ. It’s one of the worst slide decks I’ve ever seen… My afternoon is now going to be lost to the salvage effort :unamused:

should i go pub quiz tonight?