A very happy birthday to Dennis Bergkamp and Bono! I hope they both have great days.

Sun is out, it’s an incredible morning but I woke up with the sun again at 5am so I’m shattered. Got to work out some sort of strategy of…not waking people with the sunrise.

Later today I am going to play shuffleboard with people from work. I barely know what that is, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.

How are you pals?

Is it not also @anon82218317 b’day?! Happy birthday DB, hope you have a grand day :grinning:
On plane about to take off to Mallorca, woohoo, got the new mac demarco playing
Good day ssf


If that is the case then absolutely fuck Bono and grattis på födelsedagen to DB instead. Hope you have a fine old time!

Have a great time in Mallorca, Lopes!!


Need to buy some blackout blinds. Might do it today if Wilkos have em

Oh and I made up some lunch last night but don’t fancy it so gonna leave it for dinner tonight

Let me tell you something about shuffleboard. It will not be fun. It will be boring.


Wfh today. Looks nice outside. Going to leave the back door open and see if I can tempt the squirrels into the house to hang out while I work.

Woke up with agonising foot pain that I get every so often, should probably go to the doctor

We are staying at my in-laws this week as we both have to be in London. Their spare room has the world’s tiniest ‘double’ bed - thus, I am sleeping horribly.

Man that album was made for listening to whilst lounging around in the sun! Have a great time LP! :dark_sunglasses::tropical_drink:

I like louise minchin’s outfit today. That’s all i’ve got.

I booked Mallorca again for this summer too. I spotted in December that you could pay £50 and then slowly pay the rest off so I’ve used 2 student loan installments and finally managed it. Not too sure about the resort but it was the cheapest holiday I could find, that was also not too far from Palma as I like to get into the city fairly often.

You back to the same place as last year?

Cannot be arsed with today. Didn’t have time for breakfast, shit work lined up, recording again tonight so won’t be home till around midnight. Again.

There was a very angry man on the drive in, so I made him even angrier. That was satisfying.

Winding up tailgaters is one of the few pleasures of when I have to drive to work.

I was already doing 60 in a 50, and he was right up my arse. Almost touching. So I slowed down to 40. When he aggressively overtook in a totally inappropriate place, I did the famous ‘wanker’ motion. Upon noticing this, he slowed right down in front of me, indicating for me to stop. I did, then as soon as he got out of his car, I got going again.


Doesn’t stop me being hungry, tired and bored though.


In the words of rob thomas in the grammy award winning 1999 hit smooth by santana feat rob thomas of matchbox twenty off the multi platinum album supernatural

It’s a hot one


Someone was about a foot behind me yesterday on a national speed limit road and was on his phone so I tapped the brakes for a second and his face was like :scream: and he slammed on his brakes and basically stopped. When he caught up with me again, his passenger was quite clearly telling him off. Audi driver, obv.


Trying to work from home today as I need to air out my mole thing, I woke up at 3am and I have insane levels of anxiety that I am shitting constantly so there’s that too.

Got this baby keeping me company


HB @anon82218317, I hope you have an excellent day.

@Lo-Pan and @Scout, I’m probably going to Mallorca again this year! For cycling obv. What a lovely place.

Came 2nd in the pub quiz last night, boooooooooo.

Trying to find a nice watch for my sister’s birthday will be my main aim of today.

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