Since no-one else seems to have been bothered I’ll get this ball rolling.

Going to Edinburgh to see some Christopher Brookmyre thing later. Weather looks decent. Definitely squeeze in some pints although as the wife is pregnant it feels a bit wrong but she’s very understanding of my failure to manage sympathy sobriety.

How likely is the end of the world in the next year or so? Asking for a friend.

Another glorious day in Glasgow. Don’t really want to eat ice cream in the park again but I’m short of ideas and energy, so needs must…

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Weather is absolutely mince down here, legit no sign of the sunnnnnnnnnnn @shinymcshine eeeeeeeeeeee.

Taps oaf @keith?

Could you add alcohol into that mix and really punish yourself?

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Well we’ve had a very odd summer in Scotland. Sunny at times but very heavy showers almost every day. Yesterday and today (hopefully) have been the odd exceptions. Also we’ve rarely hit 20 degrees but today should hover around 18-20.

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I can’t help with a solidarity pint, I’m afraid.

I’m playing football tonight and any pints at all would prevent me driving to Paisley.

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God, I miss playing football but these ankles are just not worth the risk.

Had a pure pish nights sleep, feeling pretty fucking lousy and canny be fucked.
Might just stay in work for a few hours then fuck off home and lie on the sofa and watch films for the rest of the day.

I am the Taps Oaf!

I’d hate to encourage the spontaneous nausea/ ejaculation that my flabby abs often stimulate.

*Taps Aff


Can’t believe I combined oan and aff to make that monstrosity. Apologies to all Scotch DiSers.


I could see about a solidarity injury?

Actually, the standard is usually really poor on a Wednesday - I’ll dedicate one of my hattricks to you.

The fucking adverts on this website. I have refreshed the page about 50 times and still getting them.

Got up mega early (5:30!!!) for a gym class. Couldn’t quite be arsed for it but did ok. Tried to down my new strawberries and cream vegan protein shake after and almost gagged 4 times! It’s grim.

Today I will need a lot of coffee.

Marckee probably already posted it but what the hell


Chuckin it down


Pretty unpleasant drive in today.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’ve got a cold. I believe I am most unwelcome in the office.

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Some twat in the office has come in with a stinking cold. Why dont these people stay home??

Had a couple of plans today which involved going outside so that’s pretty much buggered. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Coffee, then. :coffee:


Our Airbnb for the DiS bike wankers Glasgow trip got cancelled yesterday so I’m currently p stressed trying to sort that out. Fucking so so so pissed off.



I didn’t know you worked with @Mistersteve

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I hadn’t already posted it.