Up at half five to travel to Reading for meetings I could do over the phone fuck off

Beat me to it…

Early start, early finish. Exhausted, shit night of sleep. Want to hibern8 for the next five months.

That said, day should be okay, nothing to dread particularly.


Hello :wave:

Today is the day I see blade runner 90210, everything is is just a footnote.

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Was up at half five too. Off to Bicester

Ooft. Enjoy the outlet shops!!

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is there a decent food court there?

No idea, I went once about eight years ago. Maybe there’s an outlet Tezbots where you can get last season’s cheese and onion sandwiches on the cheap.


Did you do the tagging, @Epimer? Good work, whoever.

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Morning fellow early risers

Is anyone actually ever happy to be up before 7am?


I wouldn’t say happy as such, but a 6.30 alarm call is not too painful.

Getting up before 6 on the other hand is never happy (unless I’m going on holiday)

I’m never happy to be up


I don’t mind it in the summer, but getting out of bed when it’s still dark (and cold and windy and rainy outside) is absolute hell.

3 days to go! Got about a day’s worth of work to stretch out over those 3 days too, so a nice, easy wind down.

morning all! absolutely pooped

Morning! I get up at between half five and six every day, and actually rather like it. It’s just the way my body clock is wired.

Eugh, sore throat. Woke up loads in the night in discomfort as a result.

On the topic of waking up, we’ve got one of those light alarm things which makes the whole process slightly less unpleasant.

Can’t be cba. Got Therapy? Being acoustic tonight though. That’ll be nice.

Morning all,

Made my train with plenty of time, so got myself a #traincoffee

Off to see Slowdive at Leeds Town Hall this (checks date) evening with a good old pal. YES I am. The Brudenell IPA is launching at various places too so will probably sample that plus some northern monk.


I arrived at work half an hour early so went to sit in the canteen and chill. Turned the lights on and scared the crap out this woman sleeping on the sofa, who in turn scared the absolute crap out of me. It’s too early for these kinds of shenanigans.


I’m awake early on tge off chance i’ll get called into work. Bet it wont happen now ffs.

:coffee: :fried_egg:


Made a pretty penge vegan dhansak last night though